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For the next two days we’ve taken 20% off ALL Dinosnores Relaxations CDs!

These are 90 minute CDs which include a 30 minute story that uses guided relaxation and visualisation. The remaining 60 minutes of the CD will help lull your child to sleep with soothing natural sounds! And they work!

The range has been designed by childcare and child language experts so you know they are age appropriate and highly suitable for the purpose. Choose a CD designed for toddlers or for school aged children.

Each CD tells a different story using different creatures.  Don’t worry if the CD involves Dragons or Tyrannosaurus dinosaurs – the story will invoke imagination, not fear or excitement.

A snoozy little tyrannosaurus

curls up in its sandy cave

listening to the rain

on jungle leaves outside…

Help your child settle at night.  The Dinosnores range of CDs will mask the general household noise and help your child drift off into a peaceful sleep.

The 20% discount ends tomorrow so place your order right now!


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With the return of school only a few days away your kids probably have lots of their toys and play things all over the house.  To help get things back in order here are some craft ideas that are practical and easy to do.  In addition, these are also good to do after your kids have gone back to school as they can use some of the arts and crafts ideas they may have just learnt.  Also, combining some activities that your kids have been learning at school back at home may help them adjust to the new environment they are in.

Shoe boxes are ideal for storing all sorts of things like small toys, DVDs or video games.  You can easily decorate the outside of the shoe box with coloured paper, paints or even using textures to draw different shapes or patterns.  Old cardboard tubes are ideal for storing pens, pencils, textures or crayons.  You can cut them to different sizes and join them together with glue or rubber bands and if you have any left over Christmas wrapping paper then that would be a great way to decorate the tubes.

Ice cream containers are perfect for storing things that can be a bit messy such as paints and play dough.  Also, old drink bottles or jars can be used to hold marbles or any other small items although make sure to give them a good clean out first.  Of course, be careful if choosing glass containers.  They are breakable and are not suitable for young children.

If you have some large toys or books then archive boxes can be great for storing them.  You could combine a few together and make a mini storage shelf that not only keeps everything in order but makes it easy to get the toys or books out and importantly, back in.  Use some creativity and combine the archive boxes into interesting shapes and sizes.

These are just some simple ideas but with a bit of imagination I am sure you can come up with some other ideas.  If you can’t, I’m fairly certain your children can!

Let us know what your ideas are and what you may have done in the past. They might help others get organised too.

**Image from www.tigerstores.co.uk/tiger_office/storage/floral_pencil_holder_1501544.html

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With 3 fabulous ranges Jellystone Designs has a jewellery product for all ages and stages.

Their Tuggable and Suckable range is jewellery designed for mums to wear with babies and children in mind with the Chewable range (yet to be released) being specifically designed for the active child 3 years +.

Jellystone Designs silicone jewellery not only looks great but is a non toxic alternative to regular costume jewellery.  Jellystone Designs Jewellery has been tested free from BPA, PVC, Cadmium and lead.  It has a fabulous feel and texture that Mums and bubs love and can be easily cleaned with soapy water, a wet wipe or in the dishwasher.

Suckables – Suitable for 0 – 36 months
Theses funky teething jewellery pieces are safe for bubs with BPA, PVC, Cadmium and lead Free silicone.  They are also a fashionable and functional teether for modish mums on the go.

Tuggables is Jellystone Design’s “mums-only” range of silicone jewellery. These silicone jewellery pieces not only look great but are a non-toxic alternative to regular costume jewellery.  The Tuggables range includes large chunky pendants secured with a practical break-away clasp.  The custom-designed clasp is designed to separate easily when tugged so mums can wear them with confidence around inquisitive babies and toddlers.


Chewables 3years +

Looking for a tug proof non toxic jewellery for your toddler ?  Cords that break apart not fall apart.  Silicone that is non toxic and soft on emerging teeth. The chewable range is ideal for active children, with a breakaway clasp parents can feel safe knowing that necklaces won’t break apart and can reduce the risk of choking for children when snagged.

This range is coming in 2012.

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Why did we pick this brand?
I spotted a large wet bag in town being used by another Mum and it certainly stood out from the crowd! It was a large Wet Bag in the Juicy Jungle print. The bag was a great size and was well designed to hang from prams, strollers or nappy bags. I could see the potential for multi purpose use – nappies tick, lunch and drink bottles tick, bathers and a towel tick, camera, Ipod, video recorder tick!! It was a fashionable and funky bag, made for durability and had many practical uses.

baby accessories, wet bags, wet bag, nappy bags, nappy bag, pat-a-cake

The Designers
Pat-a-Cake Baby heralds from a handmade background. Jamie McGinnis-Green is a work-at-home mom that longed for stylish baby products. Like many talented mums she began creating, starting with her now famous Diaper Diddy. She soon found that help was needed as demand for her products grew. Her company now ships products all over the world.

baby accessories, baby towels, baby flannels, towels

Our Favourite…
Would have to be the ‘luxe’ stroller blanket! The beautiful printed cotton and plush minky make them not only bright and stylish but also perfect for baby to snuggle and stroke!

I’ve un-wrapped the blanket for a little peek at the size and they are perfect for the stroller or car. They are also a nice size when rolled up and would perfectly fit into your nappy or travel bag. I could also see my four year old using the blanket for role-play or as a lap blanket!!

baby accessories, stroller blanket, baby blankets, baby blanket

The Wrap-Up:
These products are durable, stylish and practical. They make the perfect present for yourself or others!

Kellie xx

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