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Kaleidoscopes are much more than just a childhood toy. These devices have been used to stir the imagination of people of all ages, all over the world, for nearly two centuries.

Building a kaleidoscope offers a unique opportunity to both entertain and educate viewers, and it’s an activity that is easier than you might imagine.

Kaleidoscopes can be made from a vast assortment of materials which are available at a wide range of price points. They also come in many shapes and sizes, although the stereotypical design is tubular and resembles a small telescope or spyglass.

Inside this device, mirrors or other reflective surfaces are mounted together with a holder that can hold objects of different colours and textures. The operation of the device demonstrates many common properties of optics, such as the refraction of light and the concept of symmetry to produce intricate and often brightly coloured patterns and designs.

By helping your children to design and create their own kaleidoscope, you can help them learn more about the scientific principals behind how many common items work while also stimulating their creativity and having fun.

The Seeing Stars Kaleidoscope Kit, comes with everything that you need to help your children to build their very own kaleidoscope kit while also helping your children to learn more about some of the key concepts of optics such as focus and reflection as well as colour combinations and pattern making.

This kit is suitable for use by children aged four and older and its assembled dimensions are 22cm x 7cm.  Once assembled, the kaleidoscope looks like a spyglass but when your child looks through it, a whole new world is waiting for them.

No matter how many times your child operates their kaleidoscope, it is unlikely that any specific image will ever be exactly reproduced twice, which leads to hours of fun.


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