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Easter is a fun time for kids, not just because of the chocolate but also because there are so many Easter related crafts that can be done.

Dyeing eggs is fun for the whole family and a great tradition to add to Easter.  The wonderful thing about dyeing or colouring eggs is that there are so many ways to do it to add variety year after year.

1. You can of course dye the eggs traditionally, and for younger kids, putting the colours into muffin trays and then adding the eggs is a great mess free alternative.  You can also draw on the eggs with a crayon prior to dyeing or decorate with stickers or markers once the dye has dried.

easter2. Another idea is to place an egg in a high top container and submerge the egg about a quarter of the way in.  Dilute the liquid with water to raise the water line to cover half the egg, repeat covering three quarters of the egg and then lastly, dilute so the egg is fully covered.  The striped egg effect is quite easy to do, and looks great.

3. You can add little notes to your eggs by placing on some alphabet stickers prior to dyeing them.  Once dry, peel the stickers off and you will be able to read your message.  These make great lunchbox options and will put a smile on any child’s face when they see your message.  Another creative option is to use sticker images.

4. If you don’t want to dye the egg, then you can just draw directly on the egg to create some interesting patterns.  Add a mustache or a little face to add some personality to your eggs and create a little egg family for your enjoyment.

5. Blackboard eggs also look very cool.  Paint the eggs with a couple of coats of blackboard paint and decorate with the chalk when dry.

If you do get around to decorating some eggs this Easter, we would love to see your photos.  Feel free to send them to us via our Facebook page.  Happy crafting!


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compassEaster is almost here and you can probably already smell chocolate in the house.  I can feel the excitement building.

What doesn’t excite me is the chocolate overload that some children have every year when they are given loads of Easter eggs from family and friends.  How can that much chocolate be a good thing?

I like the idea of giving a token chocolate and a real gift instead of more eggs.

Kids love presents no matter what the occasion and will usually be quite happy to find a toy instead of a few more eggs.

Here are a few “nest fillers” you might like to choose from at MooWoo.

Junior Navigator Compass – At $9.95, this is an inexpensive and educational yet fun gift.  Why not map your egg hunt and let your child hunt them down using the compass?

Wooden Maracas – Smiley faces on each maraca make music more fun than ever.  Made of wood, these will last until your child grows up.

Bobble Art Paper Doll Trinket Box/Tooth Keeper – Every little girl needs a special trinket keeper.  This is pretty and colourful, just like an Easter egg.

Roly-Poly Pen Babushka – When I was given my first pen I felt so grown up.  Only big people had their very own pens.  This pen is very cute, part toy and practical writing tool all in one.

There is a lot more to choose from, but these suggestions are all priced at under $10 and they are all fun-filled.

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