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Easter is a fun time for kids, not just because of the chocolate but also because there are so many Easter related crafts that can be done.

Dyeing eggs is fun for the whole family and a great tradition to add to Easter.  The wonderful thing about dyeing or colouring eggs is that there are so many ways to do it to add variety year after year.

1. You can of course dye the eggs traditionally, and for younger kids, putting the colours into muffin trays and then adding the eggs is a great mess free alternative.  You can also draw on the eggs with a crayon prior to dyeing or decorate with stickers or markers once the dye has dried.

easter2. Another idea is to place an egg in a high top container and submerge the egg about a quarter of the way in.  Dilute the liquid with water to raise the water line to cover half the egg, repeat covering three quarters of the egg and then lastly, dilute so the egg is fully covered.  The striped egg effect is quite easy to do, and looks great.

3. You can add little notes to your eggs by placing on some alphabet stickers prior to dyeing them.  Once dry, peel the stickers off and you will be able to read your message.  These make great lunchbox options and will put a smile on any child’s face when they see your message.  Another creative option is to use sticker images.

4. If you don’t want to dye the egg, then you can just draw directly on the egg to create some interesting patterns.  Add a mustache or a little face to add some personality to your eggs and create a little egg family for your enjoyment.

5. Blackboard eggs also look very cool.  Paint the eggs with a couple of coats of blackboard paint and decorate with the chalk when dry.

If you do get around to decorating some eggs this Easter, we would love to see your photos.  Feel free to send them to us via our Facebook page.  Happy crafting!


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Following on from our earlier post entitled Christmas Crafts For Kids we received many requests to feature some more ideas so we have done just that.

Gingerbread men are part and parcel of Christmas celebrations so whether you are baking them or making them – don’t leave them off your to-do list.

Snowflakes are still a fun Christmas craft to do even if it may be 30 degrees outside your door.  Here is one idea for a paper snowflake which can be used as a base for a snowflake card, go 3D and make this stunning crystal snowflake, create a pipe cleaner snowflake or even adorn your dining table with snowflake quesadillas.

If you need a colourful centrepiece for your dining table then try your hand at this cupcake liner Christmas tree.  Colourful and creative!

If you still have family gifts to wrap then there is nothing as personal as homemade gift wrap.  It can be as decorative as you like and will add a lovely touch to any gift you give.

Handprint and footprint crafts are great for young children and make a great keepsake as you can keep them and hang them even when the kids have outgrown their prints.  Here is an idea for a handprint Christmas tree, a hand and footprint reindeer and a handprint Christmas wreath.

And if you are still looking for even more great ideas, visit our Facebook page as many of our fans have posted their Christmas crafts which will keep you busy well into the New Year.

Merry Christmas to each and every one of you.

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pom-pomsChristmas is a magical time of year for kids and the excitement builds for weeks before the actual day.

Harness all that excited energy and get your kids involved in some Christmas crafts which will decorate the tree and your home for the holiday season.

Here are a couple of ideas from the Kidspot website.  This website is packed with great ideas and with just a little bit of help from the parents they are safe, fun and easy for your kids to make.

Christmas tissue pom poms are made from different coloured tissue paper and can be stuck on walls, around a window or on the Christmas tree.  These are easy to make and you can design them to be large of small.

Christmas paper bauble garland is a versatile decoration as you can hang it on a wall, on the edge of table as well as around the Christmas tree.  The baubles can be made from leftover wrapping paper, old Christmas cards or even newspaper.  The designs and shapes can be similar or different depending on the effect you are trying to achieve.

Over at Mom Spotted there are step by step instructions for making a simple Christmas tree ornament using icy-pole sticks, glue and textas.  Decorate with glitter or buttons or whatever you happen to have handy.

That Artist Woman takes paper chains to a new level turning them into decorative garlands.  This is a simple paper craft that every child will love.  We love the snowmen.

Never forget the good old paper chains we all used to make at school.  Even now when I see one I feel a ripple of excitement that the holidays are near.  If you’ve forgotten how to make them, pop over to education.com for some instructions.

These are all really simple activities that will keep your children happy for hours and will make your home look well-loved and festive.

Go and have some fun.

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