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For the next two days we’ve taken 20% off ALL Dinosnores Relaxations CDs!

These are 90 minute CDs which include a 30 minute story that uses guided relaxation and visualisation. The remaining 60 minutes of the CD will help lull your child to sleep with soothing natural sounds! And they work!

The range has been designed by childcare and child language experts so you know they are age appropriate and highly suitable for the purpose. Choose a CD designed for toddlers or for school aged children.

Each CD tells a different story using different creatures.  Don’t worry if the CD involves Dragons or Tyrannosaurus dinosaurs – the story will invoke imagination, not fear or excitement.

A snoozy little tyrannosaurus

curls up in its sandy cave

listening to the rain

on jungle leaves outside…

Help your child settle at night.  The Dinosnores range of CDs will mask the general household noise and help your child drift off into a peaceful sleep.

The 20% discount ends tomorrow so place your order right now!


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SnackBallWe love the Easter break.  It gives us a chance to get out and about, visit friends and pretty much just hang out together as a family.  Sometimes we pack a picnic and just go wherever the car takes us.

What isn’t so good about getting out and about over Easter is the squishy food we end up with when we stop.  No matter how well packed it seemed to be, something is always squashed or a pack pops open.  If you’ve ever hunted peanuts or sultanas on the floor and under the seats of your car, you’ll know how annoying that can be.

When we saw the Boon Snack Ball we knew we had to stock it.  (Yes, we also had to get our hands on it for our own use!)

The snack ball is a brilliant container that doubles as a toy.  It’s tough, so snacks don’t get crushed.  The two halves unscrew, so cleaning is super easy.  The lid rotates shut, so snacks don’t jump ship.  And it’s great for travel or a game of catch.

It’s also BpA-free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free, and can be washed in the top rack of the dishwasher.  Perfect!

SquirtIf you have little ones, you will love the Boon Squirt Spoon.  This is so clever.  The spoon is a container that takes baby food, removes the jar and the mess and packs it into a single utensil.  With one squeeze you have easy, one-handed feeding.  Pop on the cap to seal food on-the-go.  No messy jars and missing lids to contend with any more.  You can load up your Squirt Spoon before you leave home and it is ready to use immediately.

If you’re going to go out on a picnic or enjoy a day trip together as a family it makes sense to choose food that is simple to prepare and won’t leave a mess to manage.  After all, the time should be spent enjoying yourselves, not working.

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Easter is a fun time for kids, not just because of the chocolate but also because there are so many Easter related crafts that can be done.

Dyeing eggs is fun for the whole family and a great tradition to add to Easter.  The wonderful thing about dyeing or colouring eggs is that there are so many ways to do it to add variety year after year.

1. You can of course dye the eggs traditionally, and for younger kids, putting the colours into muffin trays and then adding the eggs is a great mess free alternative.  You can also draw on the eggs with a crayon prior to dyeing or decorate with stickers or markers once the dye has dried.

easter2. Another idea is to place an egg in a high top container and submerge the egg about a quarter of the way in.  Dilute the liquid with water to raise the water line to cover half the egg, repeat covering three quarters of the egg and then lastly, dilute so the egg is fully covered.  The striped egg effect is quite easy to do, and looks great.

3. You can add little notes to your eggs by placing on some alphabet stickers prior to dyeing them.  Once dry, peel the stickers off and you will be able to read your message.  These make great lunchbox options and will put a smile on any child’s face when they see your message.  Another creative option is to use sticker images.

4. If you don’t want to dye the egg, then you can just draw directly on the egg to create some interesting patterns.  Add a mustache or a little face to add some personality to your eggs and create a little egg family for your enjoyment.

5. Blackboard eggs also look very cool.  Paint the eggs with a couple of coats of blackboard paint and decorate with the chalk when dry.

If you do get around to decorating some eggs this Easter, we would love to see your photos.  Feel free to send them to us via our Facebook page.  Happy crafting!

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bio fresh fruits and vegetables

Recently I did a post on Sinchies food pouches and thought I would include some healthy recipe suggestions.  These recipes come from the Sinchies blog page which also contains many other delicious ideas.

Mango Chicken

1 chicken breast

1 sweet potato

2 apples

2 carrots

1 cup of fresh or tinned mango

Bake your chicken breast.  Steam or boil the sweet potato, apples and carrot.  Blend all the ingredients together and pour into your Sinchies and serve or freeze.

Recipe from Elise Walton

Creamy Beef & Pumpkin

1 cup of cooked beef

1 tin coconut cream

1 cup steamed pumpkin

2 steamed carrots

Blend it all together and pour it into your Sinchies and you have dinner on the run for your little one!

Recipe from Elise Walton

Let me know what you think of these two recipes and also any suggestions you have for variations.  Do you have any other favourite recipes that you have used?

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Have you seen our Sinchies and Squooshis reusable food pouches?  These are a great idea for giving your kids and toddlers a full and healthy meal or snack in an easy and convenient way.

The Sinchies food pouches can easily be filled with pureed fruit, dinners, vegies, yoghurt as well as smoothies.  Sinchies come with a spout so your child can suck or squeeze the food and as such there is no need for a bowl of spoon.


They are also microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe.  As they are made free from BPA, Phthalate and PVC these are not only safe for your child but for the environment when you eventually dispose of them.

Even better, you know exactly what your child is eating and ensure it is safe, healthy and free from additives because you make and pack it yourself.

The Sinchies come in a pack of 10 and you can choose from two different sizes of 80ml or 200ml.

Squooshis are another great idea that can also be used for a snack, lunch or dinner for your toddler or child.  Simply open the super strong zip lock at the bottom to fill with your food as well as to wash.  Each pack of 4 come with 2 walrus Squooshis and 2 panda Squooshis.


If you are looking for some recipes then pop over to the Sinchies Blog page which has some fantastic and healthy recipe ideas.

Another great recipe idea is this one for frozen yoghurt.  You can freeze strawberry yoghurt overnight and not only will it keep the lunchbox cool but it can easily be eaten the next day when it melts back to yoghurt.

We will share some recipes with you over the next few weeks but if you have your own recipes you’d like to share then post a comment to this blog.  I look forward to reading them.

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1320291719Bobble_Art_Kids_Drawstring_Bag_ButterflyDepending on where you live around Australia, your children may have returned to school this week.  You’ve probably stocked up on exercise books and pencils, but did you remember to buy a multipurpose bag?

Library & Swim Bags are a great accessory for school and we have a great selection available.  These bags are useful  for carrying around the heavy and awkward library books they borrow when at school or when they need to carry their swimming gear and towel when they go swimming.

These bags are made from nylon and are lined with polyester and have an internal mesh pocket.  They also have a draw string opening that means any item placed in the bag will be safely kept in place and not likely to fall out and get lost.  They are also very durable.

rocket_swim_library_bagWhile these bags are suited for carrying library books as well as swimming gear they are also perfect if your kids may be staying over at a friend’s place and they need to take along some spare clothes, toys or anything else they may need.  Plus they are also practical when you are travelling and you need to keep the kids entertained as they can also carry food, games, pens and pencils.

Woodland_library_bagThese bags are also easy to store as they have a hook for hanging and they have an internal name tag so they won’t lost.  Some of the designs we currently have in stock are the Butterfly, Woodland and Rocket bags as pictured here.

Follow this link to the Library & Swim Bags section and have a look at the other designs we have in stock.  These handy little bags definitely make life easier – and take our word for it, you may even need more than one!

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With the return of school only a few days away your kids probably have lots of their toys and play things all over the house.  To help get things back in order here are some craft ideas that are practical and easy to do.  In addition, these are also good to do after your kids have gone back to school as they can use some of the arts and crafts ideas they may have just learnt.  Also, combining some activities that your kids have been learning at school back at home may help them adjust to the new environment they are in.

Shoe boxes are ideal for storing all sorts of things like small toys, DVDs or video games.  You can easily decorate the outside of the shoe box with coloured paper, paints or even using textures to draw different shapes or patterns.  Old cardboard tubes are ideal for storing pens, pencils, textures or crayons.  You can cut them to different sizes and join them together with glue or rubber bands and if you have any left over Christmas wrapping paper then that would be a great way to decorate the tubes.

Ice cream containers are perfect for storing things that can be a bit messy such as paints and play dough.  Also, old drink bottles or jars can be used to hold marbles or any other small items although make sure to give them a good clean out first.  Of course, be careful if choosing glass containers.  They are breakable and are not suitable for young children.

If you have some large toys or books then archive boxes can be great for storing them.  You could combine a few together and make a mini storage shelf that not only keeps everything in order but makes it easy to get the toys or books out and importantly, back in.  Use some creativity and combine the archive boxes into interesting shapes and sizes.

These are just some simple ideas but with a bit of imagination I am sure you can come up with some other ideas.  If you can’t, I’m fairly certain your children can!

Let us know what your ideas are and what you may have done in the past. They might help others get organised too.

**Image from www.tigerstores.co.uk/tiger_office/storage/floral_pencil_holder_1501544.html

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