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For the next two days we’ve taken 20% off ALL Dinosnores Relaxations CDs!

These are 90 minute CDs which include a 30 minute story that uses guided relaxation and visualisation. The remaining 60 minutes of the CD will help lull your child to sleep with soothing natural sounds! And they work!

The range has been designed by childcare and child language experts so you know they are age appropriate and highly suitable for the purpose. Choose a CD designed for toddlers or for school aged children.

Each CD tells a different story using different creatures.  Don’t worry if the CD involves Dragons or Tyrannosaurus dinosaurs – the story will invoke imagination, not fear or excitement.

A snoozy little tyrannosaurus

curls up in its sandy cave

listening to the rain

on jungle leaves outside…

Help your child settle at night.  The Dinosnores range of CDs will mask the general household noise and help your child drift off into a peaceful sleep.

The 20% discount ends tomorrow so place your order right now!


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compassEaster is almost here and you can probably already smell chocolate in the house.  I can feel the excitement building.

What doesn’t excite me is the chocolate overload that some children have every year when they are given loads of Easter eggs from family and friends.  How can that much chocolate be a good thing?

I like the idea of giving a token chocolate and a real gift instead of more eggs.

Kids love presents no matter what the occasion and will usually be quite happy to find a toy instead of a few more eggs.

Here are a few “nest fillers” you might like to choose from at MooWoo.

Junior Navigator Compass – At $9.95, this is an inexpensive and educational yet fun gift.  Why not map your egg hunt and let your child hunt them down using the compass?

Wooden Maracas – Smiley faces on each maraca make music more fun than ever.  Made of wood, these will last until your child grows up.

Bobble Art Paper Doll Trinket Box/Tooth Keeper – Every little girl needs a special trinket keeper.  This is pretty and colourful, just like an Easter egg.

Roly-Poly Pen Babushka – When I was given my first pen I felt so grown up.  Only big people had their very own pens.  This pen is very cute, part toy and practical writing tool all in one.

There is a lot more to choose from, but these suggestions are all priced at under $10 and they are all fun-filled.

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Hathay Bunano is a not for profit organisation that was establish in Bangladesh in 2004 by Samantha Morshed.  Samantha established this community based business to assist the women of Bangladesh to have reliable flexible work that was close to home and where they are fairly paid so they can support their families.

With the support from Samantha, these women were able to develop their knitting and crochet skills to make the most beautiful handmade crafts that also provided them with sustainable employment.  Over time new production centres and training courses were being established that continued to support the women in rural areas throughout Bangladesh.

Due to the success of Hathay Bunano there was a need to establish its own brand that resulted in the launch of Pebble and this also allowed the story of the products, processes and women to be told.  Furthermore, due to the extraordinary work by Samantha she was awarded an MBE in 2009.

Underpinning these operations is Fair Trade which has a focus on the farmer, manufacturer and artists so they get a fairer deal with their products, how much they receive as well as access to greater markets.

An important issue with Fair Trade is that many of the communities simply want a fairer opportunity to trade their products which is why the message is “Trade not Aid”.  For more information follow the link that provides a background on Fair Trade.

Blanket___rainbo_4dce4687032b6Here at MooWoo we sell a range of products from Pebble Hathay Bunano that includes wraps, blankets and swaddles.  This includes the Pebble Fair Trade Rainbow Stripe Blanket which is bright, colourful and made from 100% cotton.  These are ideal as a swaddling blanket for a newborn or as a pram blanket as your little one gets bigger.

Crochet_patchwor_pinkAlso, the Crochet Patchwork Blanket – Pink is lighter than a fully knitted blanket and is ideal during summer or inside with central heating.  This blanket is also a great example of the extremely talented Bangladesh woman and their exquisite craftsmanship.

These are just some of the products from Pebble Hathay Bunano; follow the link to see many others that we have on offer.  These also represent our small but important contribution to supporting the women and their families of Bangladesh.

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learntheropesChildren are busy little creatures, aren’t they?  They love to touch, feel, build and explore.

Many boys are much happier in the world of ‘doing’ than ‘imagining’ while girls love imaginary play.  This kit is perfect for both because it combines practical skills with the potential for fun.

Called “Learn the Ropes” this kit will teach your children how to tie 16 different knots.  If you were ever a scout you might remember how much fun it was to tie a knot and know it would stay tied when you needed it to.

It’s summer now and your kids will want to be outdoors.  They can use their new knot skills when they fish or fly kites.  They can make rafts that won’t fall apart and build cubby houses out of whatever they can find and tie together.

Something as simple as a knot will give your children more scope for play as they create props for their imaginary stories.

This kit is fun but it’s practical.  You never know when you’ll need to tie a knot, do you?

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Aren’t these great?  We love them.

This is called ‘A World to Discover’.  It is a customised world map for your child’s room.  As you can see in the picture, the map is customised by adding your child’s name to the map.

This is so clever because not only does it look great, it is educational.  Together you can explore the world from the comfort of your child’s room.  Inspire your Indiana Jones or Dora the Explorer to find different parts of the world.

This A3 sized poster is printed with an ‘aged paper’ background to give your child the feeling of being an old-world discoverer!  It is a gift that suits all ages (yes, it doesn’t have to be for the kids!) and it suits both boys and girls.

The print measures 297 × 420mm (11.7 × 16.5 inches) and is printed on 160gsm archival, Chlorine Free (ECF) and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) paper.  It will come to you in either a hard mailing tube or a sturdy flat mailer.

This map is from MySweetPrints and was created here in Australia.

Order yours today and tuck it away for Christmas.

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Sometimes you just need to get out of the house, don’t you?  There is nothing like a change of scenery to help you get your energy back.  Kids love to go somewhere different, or even to do something different in their usual outdoor space.

A simple way to please everyone is to pack a picnic and go outdoors for a while.  Really, you don’t need to go far.  Try your local park, drive to the next town or suburb, or even create a tent out of a sheet and sit in the wilds of the backyard.

The explorer theme is a great one to play with.

Make binoculars out of the cardboard tube (cut in half) from your cling wrap or use empty toilet roll tubes.  Glue them together, punch holes at the end and tie a length of wool to each so that the binoculars can be worn around the neck.

Grab a magnifying glass and write up a list of things to hunt for, give them both to the kids and set them free.  They can look for bugs, examine rocks or leaves and discover new species.

Every intrepid explorer needs to maintain their energy levels so don’t forget to pack an insulated bag like the Built Gourmet Getaway with food and drinkMake sure the food can be managed in one hand.  Explorers need to keep moving, you know!  Roll ups, small bread rolls and pieces of fruit are all good choices and they will stay cool in the insulated bag.  Pack plenty of water, too.  Exploring is thirsty work.

Now relax and let your explorers make discoveries, all without having to go far from you.

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In celebration of our unique setting and our creative Kimberley artists here is a beautiful selection of handmade gifts born here in Kununurra, WA, and exclusive online at Moo Woo.

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1. Paper Bag Album Our Beautiful Baby Boy $42.95
2. ‘Mokey-Moo’ the Baby Sock Monkey $19.95
3. Natural Insect Repellent Bug Off Cream 50g $14.50
4. Pink and Lime Daisy Skirt size 1-2 $25.00
5. Kimberley Soap Pack – Totally Scentual $24.00
6. ‘Rosey’ the Extra Large Sock Monkey $32.95
7. Baby Quilt – Handmade Pink Panda Design $75.00
8. Dichroic Glass Pendant $42.95
9.*Baby Boy* Teddy Bear $5.00

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