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Frog Teether

bofrog300dpi-500x500When baby starts teething it can be painful for baby and distressing for mum. You want to help but worry about the overuse of topical creams as soothers, and frozen teething rings make bub’s hands cold and uncomfortable.

You can rest easy, knowing your baby will be safe from chemicals and harm whilst soothing their swollen gums with a Lanco Natural Bo Frog Teether.

Made with 100% natural, organic rubber and using non-toxic, food grade dyes for colouring, this easily chewable, soft, cute little bright green frog will appeal to all your baby’s senses.

Featuring a nubbed hand grip, the Bo Frog teether is light weight, ensuring it can easily be held by baby, without it slipping and being constantly dropped. Being soft, it is soothing on the teeth and won’t hurt your baby as they wildly wave their arms and legs about.

It is made from safe products and free from PVC, BPA and other nasties so you can feel reassured. It will also fit easily into any nappy bag so you will always have it on hand. Cleaning is as simple as wiping it down with a damp cloth, or submerging it in warm soapy water and wiping it over.

It’s a nice feeling when you find a product that puts you at ease and you know your child is safe. And of course the best part, it will also help to ease the pain of inevitable developmental milestones, like teething.


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SnackBallWe love the Easter break.  It gives us a chance to get out and about, visit friends and pretty much just hang out together as a family.  Sometimes we pack a picnic and just go wherever the car takes us.

What isn’t so good about getting out and about over Easter is the squishy food we end up with when we stop.  No matter how well packed it seemed to be, something is always squashed or a pack pops open.  If you’ve ever hunted peanuts or sultanas on the floor and under the seats of your car, you’ll know how annoying that can be.

When we saw the Boon Snack Ball we knew we had to stock it.  (Yes, we also had to get our hands on it for our own use!)

The snack ball is a brilliant container that doubles as a toy.  It’s tough, so snacks don’t get crushed.  The two halves unscrew, so cleaning is super easy.  The lid rotates shut, so snacks don’t jump ship.  And it’s great for travel or a game of catch.

It’s also BpA-free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free, and can be washed in the top rack of the dishwasher.  Perfect!

SquirtIf you have little ones, you will love the Boon Squirt Spoon.  This is so clever.  The spoon is a container that takes baby food, removes the jar and the mess and packs it into a single utensil.  With one squeeze you have easy, one-handed feeding.  Pop on the cap to seal food on-the-go.  No messy jars and missing lids to contend with any more.  You can load up your Squirt Spoon before you leave home and it is ready to use immediately.

If you’re going to go out on a picnic or enjoy a day trip together as a family it makes sense to choose food that is simple to prepare and won’t leave a mess to manage.  After all, the time should be spent enjoying yourselves, not working.

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Jack The Giraffe

JackGiraffeOne morning Jack the Giraffe woke up and decided that he wanted to do something different that day.

Normally, Jack spent his day playing in the jungle and eating the leaves from the top of the trees where none of his animal friends could reach, but today he wanted to do something new.  Jack was ready for an adventure.

He decided to go exploring and see new parts of the world.  His mummy and daddy told him to be very careful and presented him with a packed lunch to keep his strength up on the long walk.

And it was a long walk.

It was a very long walk.

The landscape changed as he neared the coast and he spotted a great big ship that seemed to be waiting for him.  The captain was very pleased to take Jack exploring because he really needed someone new to talk to.

The ship sailed away and Jack’s long neck stretched high above the vessel.  He had the best view.

After a few days Jack spotted land.

“Land ahoy!” he cried.

The country was nice and hot, just as he liked it, but the dirt was bright red and the leaves were different.  They tasted funny.  (Lucky he had a packed lunch with him!)

Jack had landed in Australia, right up the top near Kununurra and it wasn’t long before his long legs walked him all the way to MooWoo where the trees had the best and most delicious leaves for him to eat.

Jack decided to stay with MooWoo for a while and continue his explorations from there.

Would you like to show Jack the Giraffe what your part of the world looks like?  You can order him here and he will be with you as quickly as his long legs (or the postman’s little ones) can carry him.

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Living in Kununurra where temperatures often exceed 40⁰C, we sure know the value of keeping cool and having cold drinks.  As such, our range of Thermos drink bottles can be recommended by first hand experience as they have won the confidence of our own sunny community.

By now you are probably getting ready for “Back to School” and that means buying bags, lunchboxes and drink bottles.  Before you buy an ordinary drink bottle, take a look at these.  They cost a little more but will last a long time which makes them great value.

duravac_with_lidThe Thermos Dura-Vac is made from stainless steel, holds up to 1 litre and is virtually unbreakable.  Hence the reason it comes with a 5 year warranty and totally replaceable parts in the event something goes wrong.  This thermos also comes with a slip resistant rubber grip and an interchangeable top that allows you to keep drinks either hot or cold depending on your requirements.

foogoThe Thermos Blue Foogo has a doubled walled stainless steel inner and outer that keeps the contents cold for up to 12 hours.  This thermos is also leak proof and has a hygienic push button lid with pop-up silicone straw that is easy to open.  This thermos has a kid proof design with unbreakable stainless steel that is built to withstand the daily wear and tear.  In addition to being dishwasher safe, it has a non slip scratch resistant base and is BPA free.  This thermos holds 355ml and is suitable for ages 18 months plus.

pink foogoFor children a bit younger who are aged 6 month plus then the Thermos Foogo Sippy Cup may be more suitable.  This thermos also has a double walled stainless steel inner and outer that helps to keep the contents cold and fresh for up to 6 hours.  This thermos has a spill proof valve that prevents messes and makes it easy to clean, is dishwasher safe and also has removable handles.  This thermos holds up to 200ml and has a soft drinking spout that is made from “Food Contact Safe” material and is FDA approved.

These are just a small sample so see the range of other Thermos drink bottles we currently have in stock.  I am sure you will find one that is suitable for your child’s needs.

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Summer is a time of many hot days and in recent times with the impact of global warming there seems to be a lot more days of extreme heat.  Keeping babies and kids cool in summer is critical and here are some ideas that can help.

strollerfanThe Dream Baby Stroller Fan is made from soft foam that can be easily attached onto most strollers.  The fan is ideal for those still, hot days where there is no breeze plus as the fan comes in bright colours it can entertain your child while keeping them cool.

Keeping babies and kids hydrated with plenty of liquids is a priority and we have a huge range of drink containers that you can choose from.  This includes a thermos style drink bottle such as the Funtainer that is insulated to keep drinks and food cold for longer.  Made from stainless steel these are tough, kid proof as well as dishwasher safe.

chickpea hatWe also have a lot of hats to choose from for those hot sunny days.  The Chickpea Sun Hat is made from 100% cotton and features a wide brim to increase the level of protection from the sun as well as ties to keep the hat firmly in place on those windy days.  The Penny Scallan Sun Hat is also made from 100% cotton and is available in an apple print that adds lots of colour.

Also, wrapping a washcloth around an ice block and placing it in a lunch box is perfect for a cool wipe down whether it be after your child has eaten or simply when things get too hot.  Our Pat-a-Cake Baby Washcloths are ideal for the soft skin of your child as they have absorbent terry towelling on one side and soft cotton on the other side.

These are some ideas for keeping kids cool in summer but there are plenty more ites in store so have a look around and see what you can find.

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Dummy Clips

That piercing wail behind you…

The shriek from the back seat of the car…

It always happens at the worst time.  The dummy goes missing.  You find yourself groping blindly under the seat of the car or, even worse, down the crumb filled back of the seat.  You are looking for a dummy which seems to have become so small that you can’t find it anywhere.

When you do find it, it is horrible, with bits of dust and dirt stuck to its damp surface.  When you are out on the road there is usually nowhere nearby that you can sterilise it, is there?  How often have you had to wipe it and then suck the thing clean before giving it back to your child.  Shudder.

That is why I love dummy clips.

Dummy clips are a great way to ensure you don’t lose or misplace the dummy and they keep it out of the dirt too.  A dummy clip puts an end to those games where bubs thinks it is so much fun to toss the dummy down from his highchair for you to pick up.  Again and again and again.

We have a number of different dummy clips that are easy to attach to clothing, strollers, slings and blankets.  They are made with designer cotton fabrics, are lead free and use a nickel clip with plastic teeth so they won’t get caught on clothing and at the same time hold tight.

Follow this link to our Dummy Clips page to check out the range we have in stock such as our Pat-a-Cake Baby Dummy Clip in a cute Whimsy Woods fabric.

Each dummy clip comes with a bright and colourful design and a plastic snap closure which will keep the dummy securely attached so the baby can’t pull it off.  As the length of each clip is 9” long when the dummy is snapped on and 1” wide, this also ensures it is not going to get tangled around the baby’s neck.  Importantly do not leave the child unattended while using.

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Dummy or thumb?

Thumb or dummy?

Let’s face it, babies love to suck, and it can keep them happy and settled for hours, so both the dummy and the thumb are fabulous tools for this particular job.

Thumbs are more secure and are easier for bubs to find when it falls out, as opposed to a dummy, particularly in the middle of the night. You also don’t need to worry about forgetting a thumb when you leave the house.

Dummies, however are much easier to keep clean and sterilised, which is particularly necessary when your infant becomes mobile.  A dummy clip will hold it in place so that you don’t have to hunt down the back of seats or at the foot of the bed for it.

It is also much easier to monitor and/or limit the use of a dummy as a settling tool than it is with a thumb, which can often be an unconscious habit in babies and children.

Some babies experience “nipple confusion” when frequently using a dummy, which may lead to problems with breastfeeding. It is recommended, therefore, that babies are not offered a dummy until they are over a month old, and breastfeeding has had an opportunity to establish well.

There is also much debate about the use of dummies, and of thumb-sucking, in oral development and the formation of teeth. Dummies tend to be more ‘ergonomic’ and designed, in some cases, specifically to reduce problems with emerging and growing teeth.  Whether or not thumb-sucking is to blame for malformed and crooked teeth is up for debate.

Of course, as the child reaches pre-school age, then risk of crooked teeth increases, as the pressure of the thumb can push teeth out of alignment.

When it comes to weaning from this sucking settling tool, it is much easier to reduce the reliance on a dummy than it is of a thumb. If push comes to shove, you can dispose of a dummy much more easily than you can a thumb!

If your bubs is a ‘sucker’ it might be a good idea to introduce a dummy so he doesn’t become reliant on his thumb but in all reality, some babies just won’t give you the choice.  For most of us the choice between an unsettled and dummy-less or sleeping dummy-sucking baby is a no brainer.

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