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xmas8Happy Christmas!

The holidays are here and the kids are excited about Santa’s visit.  We’ve sorted out the cookies and the reindeer food and everything is in its rightful place.  We hope the excitement is huge at your place, too.

Enjoy the break and we will see you again in the New Year.  We can compare gifts!

Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you and your family.


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We are always looking out for new products and recently we had a huge range of stock arrive on our doorstep.  Have a look at our New Arrivals section for some fantastic gift ideas.  With Christmas only a few weeks away I am sure you will find something that makes the perfect gift which is also reasonably priced.

Here are some examples worth highlighting:

The Build Everyday Tote – Lush Flower is a very strong and sturdy shopping bag that is not only ideal for holding your groceries but other daily essentials as well.  If you are on holidays with your family you can carry some snacks, sun cream, a towel and even a book or iPad.

Have a look at this cute rabbit.  The Happy Horse Snaffle Rabbit is very soft, cuddly and comes with longs ears, arms and legs to make it easy for your child to carry or drag around.

The next time you go on a long car trip or are visiting friends then the Tiger Tribe Magna Junior Play Set would be ideal.  This set includes 18 magnets that can be used to create 6 puzzles that have a safari theme.  Also, with your child’s imagination they can create their own theme.  Great for keeping the young ones busy and entertained when on the road or visiting friends.

If you have a budding musician then the Wooden Xylophone would make an ideal gift.  A great way to develop coordination as well as any musical creativity.

These are just some example of our New Arrivals.  Christmas is just around the corner so order now to guarantee the gift of your choice.

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Aren’t these great?  We love them.

This is called ‘A World to Discover’.  It is a customised world map for your child’s room.  As you can see in the picture, the map is customised by adding your child’s name to the map.

This is so clever because not only does it look great, it is educational.  Together you can explore the world from the comfort of your child’s room.  Inspire your Indiana Jones or Dora the Explorer to find different parts of the world.

This A3 sized poster is printed with an ‘aged paper’ background to give your child the feeling of being an old-world discoverer!  It is a gift that suits all ages (yes, it doesn’t have to be for the kids!) and it suits both boys and girls.

The print measures 297 × 420mm (11.7 × 16.5 inches) and is printed on 160gsm archival, Chlorine Free (ECF) and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) paper.  It will come to you in either a hard mailing tube or a sturdy flat mailer.

This map is from MySweetPrints and was created here in Australia.

Order yours today and tuck it away for Christmas.

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Image credits - Blog: The Closest Fatman

Christmas is only six weeks away, and the pre-Christmas-chaos is closer than that. You’ve got a choice. You can go into it unprepared and spend the day before Christmas running around, trying to find the perfect gift for the one person you’ve forgotten about.

Or you can be organised and avoid the chaos altogether; even the inevitable lead up chaos that seems to be part of the general feel of the season.

Lists are your new best friend.   I know, you’re not a list person.  That’s exactly the reason that you need one at this time of year.  There’s no way that you’ll be able to keep everything crammed into your head at once and that’s how you forget someone or something…..  Like you did last year.

Image credits - greentrashcan.com.au

This year you’ll need to make two lists.  Make one listing the people you need to buy for, and another listing people you should send Christmas cards to.  Those two lists should keep you out of post-Christmas trouble.

Your first list will make shopping much easier if you also add a column for the age of the recipient, or, better still, a more specific idea of what you’d like to get them. In fact, the earlier you make your list, the longer you have to snoop out their likes and dislikes.

Christmas shopping doesn’t do itself, unfortunately. Grab your diary or planner and schedule in some Christmas shopping time, whether you’re doing it on or offline. Set aside some hours at night for online shopping, or a day or two for hitting the shopping centres.

Make sure that list is with you at all times!

And to make sure you don’t forget anyone.  Having some extra cards and generic presents on hand will save you a heap of trouble with either running around at the last minute, or being remembered forever as the “One who forgot to buy a present”.

Planning bulk shopping online at Moo Woo can also help – combine freight costs will save you money OR even better have Moo Woo wrap and ship the parcel for you.  They can include a message recorded on a basic Christmas Card or select a unique handmade Christmas Card from their Kimberley Red selection!

Kimberley Red Cards - 'Merry Christmas' Bikini Green

Good luck and have fun!!

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