I am a Mum (who once defined herself , and still does part time, as a Phys-ed/ Health Teacher) with a Mia Moo and a Tyler Woo, the Moo and Woo being pet names of my 2 delightful little ones. Hence Moo Woo Handmade Gifts and Cards was born! This is out of a desire to be at home with my children, a hobby for making cards and a interest in offering East Kimberley residents something different!! Oh and of course due to the amazingly supportive husband I have :). We are isolated (900kms from Darwin and 1000km from Broome) and need choice!! I'm hoping I can offer just a little bit of that, and with some drive and long hard work can build our product range to include many beautiful gifts, to complement those already offered by some of our wonderful local businesses. I have also been hunting for some special handmade products and I'm sure you will love some that we have on offer. There are many amazingly talented and passionate people around and their products speak for themselves.

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