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As you know we have been working on our new website for quite a while now.

Well, we are pleased to announce that it has launched!

The new MooWoo is more streamlined and easy to use AND it includes a blog page as part of the site.

That means we are closing this page to any new posts although it has such good information here that we will leave it live. You will still be able to come back and read your favourite posts over again.  It’s the best of both worlds.

The new website is at MooWoo.com.au and the new blog is at MooWoo.com.au/blog.

Come over and join us there.


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MooWoo and the community of Kununurra have been supporting a wonderful little girl and her family during her illness.

Alyssa and her parents are friends of ours; she is the same age as my daughter – 7 yrs old. In April last year she was diagnosed with DIPG – an inoperable and terminal brain stem tumour. She was given only 9 months to live. She had become paralysed in her arm and leg and over time became very unwell.

Back in October last year Alyssa was given 24 hours to live, but through amazing strength and determination, combined with drug detox and natural therapies she really came along and within 2 months flew home on a plane back to KNX. She spent a lovely Christmas with her family but then became ill again 10 weeks ago. She had to head back to Adelaide and since then her parents have transferred her to Perth.

To show our love and support for Alyssa we asked our Facebook followers to make paper cranes in the spirit of the story, Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes. If you aren’t familiar with this true story, it’s the tale of a little Japanese girl with leukaemia. There is a Japanese legend that says that the one who created a thousand origami cranes would be cured by the Gods so she spent her time creating cranes but sadly didn’t make it to 1000.

We decided to make 1000 origami cranes for Alyssa and called for help.  We have been overwhelmed by the support that came forward. These are just some of the cranes that were sent in.

cranesBy the 10th April, only a few days after asking for help, we had 1001 cranes ready to be delivered to Alyssa’s mum and more waiting at her home for Alyssa’s return.

We still have support with many schoolchildren folding cranes like crazy.

I hope you can all understand what your cranes have done for Alyssa and her family. It has given them support, love, strength and light at a time of absolute need, of which I can’t comprehend ever having to encounter. And yet again this little 7 year old girl is fighting; she is not going to give up and neither are we!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your beautiful cranes. If you would still like to make cranes for Alyssa we would love to accept them on her behalf and have them ready for her. Send them to MooWoo, PO Box 266, Kununurra, 6743.

Once again, thank you.

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Frog Teether

bofrog300dpi-500x500When baby starts teething it can be painful for baby and distressing for mum. You want to help but worry about the overuse of topical creams as soothers, and frozen teething rings make bub’s hands cold and uncomfortable.

You can rest easy, knowing your baby will be safe from chemicals and harm whilst soothing their swollen gums with a Lanco Natural Bo Frog Teether.

Made with 100% natural, organic rubber and using non-toxic, food grade dyes for colouring, this easily chewable, soft, cute little bright green frog will appeal to all your baby’s senses.

Featuring a nubbed hand grip, the Bo Frog teether is light weight, ensuring it can easily be held by baby, without it slipping and being constantly dropped. Being soft, it is soothing on the teeth and won’t hurt your baby as they wildly wave their arms and legs about.

It is made from safe products and free from PVC, BPA and other nasties so you can feel reassured. It will also fit easily into any nappy bag so you will always have it on hand. Cleaning is as simple as wiping it down with a damp cloth, or submerging it in warm soapy water and wiping it over.

It’s a nice feeling when you find a product that puts you at ease and you know your child is safe. And of course the best part, it will also help to ease the pain of inevitable developmental milestones, like teething.

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Kaleidoscopes are much more than just a childhood toy. These devices have been used to stir the imagination of people of all ages, all over the world, for nearly two centuries.

Building a kaleidoscope offers a unique opportunity to both entertain and educate viewers, and it’s an activity that is easier than you might imagine.

Kaleidoscopes can be made from a vast assortment of materials which are available at a wide range of price points. They also come in many shapes and sizes, although the stereotypical design is tubular and resembles a small telescope or spyglass.

Inside this device, mirrors or other reflective surfaces are mounted together with a holder that can hold objects of different colours and textures. The operation of the device demonstrates many common properties of optics, such as the refraction of light and the concept of symmetry to produce intricate and often brightly coloured patterns and designs.

By helping your children to design and create their own kaleidoscope, you can help them learn more about the scientific principals behind how many common items work while also stimulating their creativity and having fun.

The Seeing Stars Kaleidoscope Kit, comes with everything that you need to help your children to build their very own kaleidoscope kit while also helping your children to learn more about some of the key concepts of optics such as focus and reflection as well as colour combinations and pattern making.

This kit is suitable for use by children aged four and older and its assembled dimensions are 22cm x 7cm.  Once assembled, the kaleidoscope looks like a spyglass but when your child looks through it, a whole new world is waiting for them.

No matter how many times your child operates their kaleidoscope, it is unlikely that any specific image will ever be exactly reproduced twice, which leads to hours of fun.

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