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learntheropesChildren are busy little creatures, aren’t they?  They love to touch, feel, build and explore.

Many boys are much happier in the world of ‘doing’ than ‘imagining’ while girls love imaginary play.  This kit is perfect for both because it combines practical skills with the potential for fun.

Called “Learn the Ropes” this kit will teach your children how to tie 16 different knots.  If you were ever a scout you might remember how much fun it was to tie a knot and know it would stay tied when you needed it to.

It’s summer now and your kids will want to be outdoors.  They can use their new knot skills when they fish or fly kites.  They can make rafts that won’t fall apart and build cubby houses out of whatever they can find and tie together.

Something as simple as a knot will give your children more scope for play as they create props for their imaginary stories.

This kit is fun but it’s practical.  You never know when you’ll need to tie a knot, do you?


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This is a bit of a fun post but it also has some really practical applications.  Recently as I was planning a 4 hour plane trip with my 4 year old boy who can’t sit still for more than 5 minutes, I knew I had a bit of a problem on my hands.  So I thought I would get some views, ideas and tactics on travel tips from my Facebook page as no doubt many other people have encountered and conquered this issue.

Here are some of the sanity saving suggestions my Facebook friends came up with.

  • Having food was suggested quite a few times and especially during the take-off and the landing as that can help with the ear drums adjusting to the change in cabin pressure.
  • Having a bag of toys or new things they haven’t seen before and bringing them out at regular intervals.
  • A slight variation of the above is to have activity bags that are made up of several items such as, for example, pencils, books or games that are wrapped up so they provide a real surprise when they are opened.
  • An iPad was another suggestion as games could be played, it could be used to watch DVDs or prior to the flight download some apps that can be good entertainment.
  • A funny suggestion was made to drug the other passengers and let the little one wander around.  Maybe not as bad as it sounds.
  • If you are flying at night time then glow in the dark sticks were another great idea.

These are just some of the suggestions although have a look at the Facebook page for some more great ideas if you are travelling with young children, especially if they are active and can’t sit still like my son.

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We are always looking out for new products and recently we had a huge range of stock arrive on our doorstep.  Have a look at our New Arrivals section for some fantastic gift ideas.  With Christmas only a few weeks away I am sure you will find something that makes the perfect gift which is also reasonably priced.

Here are some examples worth highlighting:

The Build Everyday Tote – Lush Flower is a very strong and sturdy shopping bag that is not only ideal for holding your groceries but other daily essentials as well.  If you are on holidays with your family you can carry some snacks, sun cream, a towel and even a book or iPad.

Have a look at this cute rabbit.  The Happy Horse Snaffle Rabbit is very soft, cuddly and comes with longs ears, arms and legs to make it easy for your child to carry or drag around.

The next time you go on a long car trip or are visiting friends then the Tiger Tribe Magna Junior Play Set would be ideal.  This set includes 18 magnets that can be used to create 6 puzzles that have a safari theme.  Also, with your child’s imagination they can create their own theme.  Great for keeping the young ones busy and entertained when on the road or visiting friends.

If you have a budding musician then the Wooden Xylophone would make an ideal gift.  A great way to develop coordination as well as any musical creativity.

These are just some example of our New Arrivals.  Christmas is just around the corner so order now to guarantee the gift of your choice.

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Keeping kids secure can be a challenge at times especially when they are in the car and they continually unlock the seat belts.  Often they may unfasten the seatbelt due to their inquisitive and curious nature.  In addition, adults may also unintentionally do the same thing as they may not correctly lock the buckle or potentially loose items such as shopping bags can cause the buckle to disengage.

Obviously once this occurs and the child restraint becomes unanchored your child is no longer safe and even a low speed accident or sudden braking may cause your child to be injured.

The Hurphy Durphy Seat Belt Buckle Guard is a child safety device that is designed to stop these situations occurring.  It prevents the accidental release of the seat belt buckle anchoring a capsule or infant seat.

This is an inexpensive product that all parents should have so they can ensure the safety of their infant when they are in the capsule or infant seat.

Follow the link for the Hurphy Durphy Seat Belt Buckle Guard for more information and as we have plenty in stock place your order now before they sell out.

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The Kimberley is an amazing and unique part of our planet.  Nature has been allowed to roam free here without any human intervention so the Kimberley area has some of the most pure and unspoilt areas on earth.

The problem is that our beautiful home is also rich in natural resources which big business want to harvest and profit from.  Natural gas, uranium and bauxite are just a few of the highly prized resources that corporations are fighting for with dollar signs across their eyes.

The Australian reports of conspiracies against the indigenous people.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that it will be cash that wins against conservation.

Woodside justifies their position in economic terms with a token nod towards the environment.

News.com.au reports on the planning manoeuvres which are happening while the fight against the development was still under legal examination.

Just scan through the reports listed on the Save The Kimberley website and you will get a feel for what is going on.

Woodside has already begun clearing land in preparation for the building of the Browse Basin natural gas processing plant despite not having permission from the government or local land authorities.

This area is significant to the indigenous people who believe that the area is part of a songline – a path made by Dreamtime ancestors – yet their beliefs seem to be worth nothing.  They certainly are not being respected or considered.

This is going to be a long and difficult fight to protect the environment and indigenous rights against corporate greed.

I’m not an overly political person but I do know that the politics behind this situation are not based on the good of the area or the earth.

I would like to ask you to take a stand with us by making a noise about this awful situation or making a donation to the Save The Kimberley fund if you can.

The Kimberley is a precious place on earth in just the same way as the rainforests of the Amazon are.  It deserves to have the same strong voices fighting for the cause.

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