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Rocks of the Kimberley

The Kimberley region is fascinating and beautiful, particularly when it comes to the geological nature of the area.  The uniqueness of the various formations gives rise to beautiful stones including Rainbow Stone, Zebra Stone, Okapi Stone and Ranford Ribbonstone.  These rocks are found nowhere else in the world so we can truly call them ours.

Rainbow Stone (sometimes known as Ning Bing) is one of the many strikingly patterned sandstones of Northern Australia. It occurs as relatively thin layers on deposits of plain material.  The swirling colours in the Rainbow Stone are linked to iron nodules deposited within fine grained sandstone which was laid down around 350 to 360 million years ago. The centres of many of the iron nodules have rusted away, forming pockets of red or yellow ochre powder. The variety of colour is amazing.

Zebra Stone is a rare and quite unique stone that was formed around 600 million years ago.  It is only found in the Kimberley region and scientists cannot yet explain how it came to be created.  It is called Zebra Stone because of its banded stripes running through the stone. The uniform stripes make this stone quite remarkable. This photo of Zebra stone was taken by Matt Brann of the ABC and it shows mining of Zebra stone near Kununurra.

Ribbonstone is closely associated with Zebra Stone, having been deposited at the same time; however the colouration is more varied.  Most deposits are considerably harder than Zebra Stone and rare crystal imprints have been found in the layers. The colours are quite varied and might appear as splotches or stripes.

Okapi Stone is another of this group of geologically related stones.  It is similar to Zebra Rock although its stripes are irregular. Apparently, the stone is named after the Okapi, an animal similar to the zebra but wearing irregular stripes which only show on its hind quarters.

These four varieties of stone allow for stunning stonecraft jewellery and decorator pieces to be created which are unique to our little corner of the world.


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felt play

Give a child a crayon and watch them create something spectacular direct from their imagination.  Hand them a felt board and see that same imagination take flight – constructing and making stories and scenes for their (and your) enjoyment.

Our Create A World Felt Mat allows for this and more.  It gives your child and their friends an outlet in which to build stories on a grand scale as the mat comes complete with 90 colourful felt pieces.  These felt pieces include animals, vehicles, roads, fairy tale characters and items in nature which will give children unlimited storyline possibilities.

The mat itself is extremely versatile as it can be used both on the floor or wall as it features button stitched holes in each corner of the mat for hanging.  This is perfect for small sized areas or learning environments.

If you would like to create more options for the board, then we would definitely recommend the Create A Word Felt Alphabet set.  These felts are equally as colourful as the pieces in the Create A World Felt set and include 54 vibrant, lovable alphabet shaped characters.  The alphabet letters will provide even more opportunities for children to express themselves creating an even richer learning and playing environment. Your child will learn as he or she plays.

Storytelling is quickly becoming a lost art as children are more often than not seen attached to some electrical gadget or other.  Let them become lost in their own imaginative felt world where anything can happen – and usually does!

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