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This gorgeous pouch style sling is the perfect accessory for those little girls wanting to be jsut like mum! Pop this doll, teddy or favourite toy inside for a hands free ride and a perfect opportunity to role play.<br />With this sling there is no adjusting! Slide the sling over the head open the pocket and pop a dolly or toy inside.<br />Measures 21 “ x 14”. This is the perfect size for 5-8 year olds.<br />For those with a new baby on the way this sling makes the perfect gift for little sister.

There has been a bit of publicity recently about the safety of baby slings and carriers. Despite some of the negativity we can often hear, wearing your baby is no cause for alarm if you use the carriers safely and as instructed.

It is important that you place your baby or toddler in the sling or carrier as directed. Although our slings are made from 100% cotton and reduce the risk of overheating, common sense still prevails.

Your baby needs to be evenly secured, so ensuring their bottom is lined up with the middle seam will keep them adequately supported. Positioning them across your body evenly will also ensure their head is not forced forward too far, which can lead to their airways becoming obstructed.

Obviously, keeping their face uncovered at all times, and ensuring their mouth or nose are not obscured by any fabric is essential. Overheating can occur if they are heavily clothed and/or wrapped to excess. Remember, your body gives off heat all the time, and having your baby close will keep them warm without the needed for added layers.

If you plan to wear a jumper or jacket yourself, put this on before you add your baby. Wearing a jacket over the top of the sling will lead to overheating and/or restrict airflow causing suffocation.

Remember to adjust your sling to suit your baby’s growth, as well as adjusting their position as they develop physically. Enjoy this experience with your baby. All our baby slings and carriers come with an Instructional DVD which we recommend you carefully watch and follow.


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snuggy baby wrap

There are plenty of benefits for you and your baby when you keep them close to you at all times. Babywearing can aid a baby’s emotional and psychological development. Babies are usually more settled and cry less, and keeping them close to you can enhance bonding between mother and baby, especially in the early days. Carrying your baby in a baby sling allows you to get things done around the house, without having to stop and attend to a baby demanding your attention!  Importantly, they also allow you to carry your baby without placing strain on your lower back or hips. Our new Ring Slings and Baby Carriers allow you to keep your baby comforted and close, and keep them safe.  All of our Slings and Baby Wraps are made from 100% cotton or linen to reduce the risk of overheating. Cotton slings are double layered to ensure strength and security for your baby. Our 100% linen slings are single layer since linen is one of the strongest fabrics available. This gives the added benefit of keeping baby cooler in hot climates. The double sided uniform print means that regardless of which part of the carrier is showing, it will always display the same pattern. Yes, we believe that style is important. The Ring Slings are made with SlingRings designed specifically for the purpose of carrying your bundle of baby joy, with strength and durability to cater for the weight of your baby as he or she grows. All our baby carriers are designed to grow with your child and are suitable from newborns to three-year-olds. They offer the added benefits of doubling as a breastfeeding cover or offering a shade for your child on sunny days. Instructional DVDs are included with all slings and wraps so you are assured of your child’s safety and comfort. They come in a range of colours and designs, so you’ll always look stylish no matter where you are.

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wet bags, dry bags

You’re out and about with the bubs and, inevitably, you end up with a leakage of some sort; from the nappy, a projectile vomit, or you just upend your glass of water all over the place.

Either way, one or both of you will be covered in something wet and possibly sticky, and you don’t want to shove the offending item into your nappy bag.

wet/ dry bags with snap handle

Our Wet Bags, which come in an array of colours and patterns, are perfect for such incidents. Their waterproof interior lining and double stitched, heat sealed seams ensure no leakage of liquids. They are the essential inclusion in your nappy bag, and can even be used as the nappy bag.

These are multipurpose bags with the added bonus of waterproof lining. Aside from keeping wet and soiled clothing, you can use these bags as snack bags, to hold spare clean clothes, nappies and wipes or somewhere to keep your wallet and keys so they don’t get lost amongst everything else. You can even use them as makeup bags and know that even if your foundation leaks it won’t seep out and stain anything else. You may also like to use them specifically for ‘wet’ activities, like swimming lessons or a day at the water park. It doesn’t matter what age your children are, as the bags will still hold the wet items without leaking or wetting anything else.

They come in two sizes, and are big enough to hold three nappies and some wipes, or your bathers and goggles, and can easily be tossed into the usual nappy bag. They have a snap handle which makes attaching it to the pram handle easy and portable. Outside, easy to access pockets allow you to keep your keys and mobile phone in reach, and dry.  One bag does it all. Give yourself the freedom to leave the house with everything you need without feeling like a pack horse.

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