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I am very lucky to be one of the very few Australian stockists of this wonderful brand.  littleoddforest products are designed and created by Lynda Lye, a Singapore based designer, and her company Forestprints Design.

One look at the range will tell you that it’s full of imagination and whimsy.  Each piece is a work of art and reminds me of something out of Alice in Wonderland or perhaps a slightly twisted Enid Blyton book.

Lynda says “Since a child, I have been influenced by childhood fantasies of bizarre fairytale adventures, set in magical enchanted forests, filled with imagery of talking animals, imaginary creatures and trees, creating this strange little world of colours and endless possibilities in my head. Thanks to my artist-painter dad, who began reading loads of incredible tales to me when I was still in my mother’s womb.”

At MooWoo we stock a selection of handmade baby shoes by littleoddforest.  They are some of the cutest shoes I’ve seen.  They are quirky and humourous with a definite retro feel.

 littleoddforest maryjanes bunny shoes

Just look at the little  Funny Bunny slippers.  Any child would love them.  The ears, the whiskers, the cute face…

littleoddforest booties, vintage littleoddforest baby booties

These sweet little slippers are an example of the retro feel of the littleoddforest brand.  It’s as though the image has stepped straight out of the story book your grandmother might have read.

All the littleoddforest items are finely detailed and perfectly finished.  They are works of art that have been designed for use.

If your child needs shoes or slippers, choose from the littleoddforest range.  Not only will the gift be practical, it will spark imagination in your child and the spirit of play in you.


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