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Kimberley Photography by Penny's Prints

1. Tell us briefly about the person behind the business? Who are you? Where did you come from and how did you end up being based in the Kimberley?

I am extremely driven person who strives for perfection but a big softy at heart.  My whole world is seen though a camera lens and I sometimes think that my world is actually a rectangle shape.  Everywhere I look is a potential picture.  Before I arrived in Kununurra I lived a nomadic life and was looking for somewhere in Australia that reminded me of one of my favourite places in the world – Egypt.  Think HOT !

2. Why Penney’s Prints? What does it give you?

Over a glass of wine a very dear friend of mine, Jodie you know who you are, and I came up with an idea and by the end of the bottle Penney’s Prints was born.  Simple in name but says what is and what it does.

3. Penney’s Prints is a well-established business. If you could 3 important pieces of advice to others in small business what would they be?

Pay your accounts when you receive them, this keeps everyone with a cash flow, belief in you product and provide customers with service beyond their expectations.

4. A real Kimberley adventure is…. Anytime I have a camera with me is an adventure.

Sunset on Ivanhoe Crossing

5. You favourite piece of work is? 

6. Have you ever had a memorable funny moment during your work…are you able to share? Yes – No

7. If you were stranded in the Kimberley for a week with your camera and you could pick your location…where would you wish to be stranded and why?

The Drysdale National Park – the most amazing galleries of Bradshaw Art is contained within this park and still the world does not know who painted them.

Bradshaw Rock Art - Drysdale National Park, Kimberley Region of WA.

8. If you had to sum up the Kimberley with 3 words what would they be? Photographic master piece


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The Boab Tree

If there is one plant that really represents the Kimberley’s, it’s the Boab tree.  They are totally different from any other tree.  Their bulbous trunk and short limbs make it look as though someone has pulled it from the ground, tipped it upside down and planted it again.

Image Boabs in the Kimberley - Visit this site to purchase boab products!

Australian aboriginals used them for food and shelter, the tree producing fruit and nuts but even the roots of the tree are edible.  In fact, boab roots are now produced commercially here in Kununurra.

 They are quite a versatile food in much the same way as a carrot.  Soups, salads, raw cooked – any way you like it.

The Boab tree can live to be 1500 years old which is the apparent age of one located just outside of Derby.  This tree really knows history.  If only it could talk.  In fact, this tree has been used as  a prison cell .  It has a circumference of 14 metres and a hollow inside, just right for parking those pesky criminals.

Boab Prison - image from 'Broome and the Kimberley'

The tree is such an iconic part of The Kimberley’s that it often features in art and crafts from the area.  The large nuts are carved decoratively and the tree is featured in some of the local artworks.  Just take a look at the ‘Wall of Boabs” at the Artlandish Gallery.

Image from Artlandish Aboriginal Art Gallery, based in Kununurra WA

If you are quick enough you’ll see a stunning handmade dichroic glass pendant in our store that has a superb silhouette of a boab tree against a shimmering gold background. We have just refreshed our range of pendants from Caren’s Collection so pop over and check them out.

New in stock Dichroic Jewellery from Caren's Collection

The Boab is a special tree.  You can tell that just by looking at it.  It’s no wonder it is the symbol of The Kimberley region.

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