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Handmade, Kununurra, Wa

Sometimes you just can’t help yourself.  You see something and have to have it.

That’s what happened to me when I saw the Rockford Red Heel Sock Monkeys.  One look and I was in love.  The only problem is that other people love them too, so their stays with me are short.

Sock monkeys have been made and loved for generations.  The sock monkey was invented somewhere towards the end of the 19th century.  They were popular not only because they looked so cute but also because they were easy to make during war times and the Great Depression when money was tight and materials scarce.  An old pair of socks took on a whole new life with a little shaping and stuffing. By the 1950’s the sock monkey was a regular part of childhood play.


Rockford Red Heel socks were the favourite sock for the creation of sock monkeys.  The brand was born in 1890 and by the 1930’s they had added a red heel to make their socks look very different to the others on the market.  I don’t know who noticed it first, but the red heel looks very much like a set of lips.  No wonder they were in such demand!  To this day they include a pattern for making a sock monkey with every pair sold as they did way back in the 1950’s.

Our sock monkeys are made right here in Kununurra by ‘The Monkey Empire of Socktopia,’ a very talented and creative mum of 3.  Some of the sock monkeys are made of regular socks but most use the traditional ROCKFORD RED HEEL sock.  Of course, all are made with brand new socks.
Handmade in Kununurra, WA


Made by hand, each sock monkey has its own unique look and personality.  Their faces are really lovable and you’d swear the button eyes are watching you, waiting to play.

Soft, cuddly and stuffed with green corn derived fibre fill, these are perfect for anyone over 3 to play with.  Wouldn’t you like one for yourself?


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Image credits - Blog: The Closest Fatman

Christmas is only six weeks away, and the pre-Christmas-chaos is closer than that. You’ve got a choice. You can go into it unprepared and spend the day before Christmas running around, trying to find the perfect gift for the one person you’ve forgotten about.

Or you can be organised and avoid the chaos altogether; even the inevitable lead up chaos that seems to be part of the general feel of the season.

Lists are your new best friend.   I know, you’re not a list person.  That’s exactly the reason that you need one at this time of year.  There’s no way that you’ll be able to keep everything crammed into your head at once and that’s how you forget someone or something…..  Like you did last year.

Image credits - greentrashcan.com.au

This year you’ll need to make two lists.  Make one listing the people you need to buy for, and another listing people you should send Christmas cards to.  Those two lists should keep you out of post-Christmas trouble.

Your first list will make shopping much easier if you also add a column for the age of the recipient, or, better still, a more specific idea of what you’d like to get them. In fact, the earlier you make your list, the longer you have to snoop out their likes and dislikes.

Christmas shopping doesn’t do itself, unfortunately. Grab your diary or planner and schedule in some Christmas shopping time, whether you’re doing it on or offline. Set aside some hours at night for online shopping, or a day or two for hitting the shopping centres.

Make sure that list is with you at all times!

And to make sure you don’t forget anyone.  Having some extra cards and generic presents on hand will save you a heap of trouble with either running around at the last minute, or being remembered forever as the “One who forgot to buy a present”.

Planning bulk shopping online at Moo Woo can also help – combine freight costs will save you money OR even better have Moo Woo wrap and ship the parcel for you.  They can include a message recorded on a basic Christmas Card or select a unique handmade Christmas Card from their Kimberley Red selection!

Kimberley Red Cards - 'Merry Christmas' Bikini Green

Good luck and have fun!!

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With 3 fabulous ranges Jellystone Designs has a jewellery product for all ages and stages.

Their Tuggable and Suckable range is jewellery designed for mums to wear with babies and children in mind with the Chewable range (yet to be released) being specifically designed for the active child 3 years +.

Jellystone Designs silicone jewellery not only looks great but is a non toxic alternative to regular costume jewellery.  Jellystone Designs Jewellery has been tested free from BPA, PVC, Cadmium and lead.  It has a fabulous feel and texture that Mums and bubs love and can be easily cleaned with soapy water, a wet wipe or in the dishwasher.

Suckables – Suitable for 0 – 36 months
Theses funky teething jewellery pieces are safe for bubs with BPA, PVC, Cadmium and lead Free silicone.  They are also a fashionable and functional teether for modish mums on the go.

Tuggables is Jellystone Design’s “mums-only” range of silicone jewellery. These silicone jewellery pieces not only look great but are a non-toxic alternative to regular costume jewellery.  The Tuggables range includes large chunky pendants secured with a practical break-away clasp.  The custom-designed clasp is designed to separate easily when tugged so mums can wear them with confidence around inquisitive babies and toddlers.


Chewables 3years +

Looking for a tug proof non toxic jewellery for your toddler ?  Cords that break apart not fall apart.  Silicone that is non toxic and soft on emerging teeth. The chewable range is ideal for active children, with a breakaway clasp parents can feel safe knowing that necklaces won’t break apart and can reduce the risk of choking for children when snagged.

This range is coming in 2012.

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Kununurra, WA, East Kimberley, Wet-season

The Kimberly region is simply gorgeous; a rugged, all natural landscape, pristine rock pools and beaches, beautiful weather complete with clear blue skies and a warming sun. It’s the almost perfect way to give your mind and body a break.

It’s also located along the Tropic of Capricorn, and highly influenced by the seasons: more specifically, the Dry and Wet seasons.

As we move into the year that brings in the wet, it brings with it tropical monsoons, hot and humid days and nights, and unpredictable weather patterns.


But that’s not all it brings. The soaking rains and damp natural surroundings are the perfect breeding ground for insects, including those that like to bite and sting.

Avoiding them is not all that simple, particularly if you need to leave the house. Repelling them, however, is easier done, with the aid of an insect repellent.

Like our natural surrounding wonderland, Totally Scentual; based in Kununurra, creates a range of insect repellents made entirely from natural ingredients.

Natural-insect-repellant, Insect-repellant

Creams can be rubbed into exposed areas of the body (and they’re safe for babies and infants who like to suck on fingers and toes) or you can spritz  your  face and body to enjoy some pest free time outdoors.

On the off chance you do receive a bit or sting, some bite soothing gel is an essential

Whilst the weather may not be all that appealing at this time of year, you can make it a little more bearable by keeping the bugs at bay. Available online through Moo Woo.

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