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Personally I don’t understand why so many people feel that walking toddlers are harder work than crawling babies. Campbell was keen to explore the world from an early age and demanded to crawl EVERYWHERE! Shopping centres, cafes, restaurants, classrooms, attempted swimming pool change rooms….you name it, he wanted to crawl on it.

Crawling children also have very odd colour clothing…a strange shade of smudged grey with multi-coloured smears on the knees. …sometimes a pastel thats origins cannot be determined…..

Campbell began to walk around his first birthday and our household rejoiced! I think my washing machine was relieved of a load a day while the dog was no longer used as an object to pull up on.

NEXT DILEMMA…. SHOES!!! When babies become mobile shoes are no longer a fashion accessory. They need to fit the foot correctly and allow the muscles and tendons in the feet to grow freely. I struggled to find soft shoes that would give protection, comfort and support. It is vital to have children in bare feet or soft padded shoes until they are confidently walking.

REWIND…….back in the days of a crawling and before baby shoes were an essential item, especially in cooler weather or on special occasions. I struggled to find a shoe that would give our baby flexibility and that there was room for his feet to move. LittleOddForest have designed a beautiful shoe that will not only impress every mum with their designer patterns, they also tick the right boxes in terms of suitability. Soft material, neatly padded soul and easy to slip on. Perfect until bub starts to walk.

Babies take a while to adjust to a strange contraption strapped to their feet. Initally there will be all types of wiggling and toe curling before they adjust…..Campbell attempted to deposit his fist pair of shoes into the mouth of my brother’s disobedient teething puppy!

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MooWoo is one of a small handfuls of Australian retailers lucky enough to stock handmade Littleoddforest  Baby Booties. They come in the sweetest designs including Vintage Hoola Hoop, Squirrel and Bunny Hugs, Little Bear, Lavender Lion.  They are a perfect gift for a new born baby, christening or baby shower.

So watch your babies feet and make sure they are in well suited soft booties till the can confidently chase your family pets! Littleoddforest Baby Booties are PERFECT!


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Handmade Heaven


When you receive something handmade, you know that a lot of time and care has gone into making it.  It’s even more special if it was made especially for you.

Such skills as crocheting and knitting have long been associated with grandma, however a new resurgence of crafters has seen shelves fill with homemade items.    Handmade goods seem to carry their own personality and say a lot about the creator or purchaser as well as the receiver.  They warrant special care and seem to outlast factory made goods as more effort goes into looking after them as they are not so easily replaced.  They are also more likely to be treasured for a longer period, as an example, a handmade baby blanket is more likely to kept as an heirloom over a regular baby blanket.


Mass produced gifts from China have lost favour to handmade products, which are seen by the current generation as a green or more natural gift choice.  Buying ethical and sustainable gifts are wonderful as is the ability to be able to support artisans – whether local or countrywide.  Not only that, they tend to be more unique or even in some cases, one of a kind, which is definitely a great conversation starter if there ever was one.

And handmade gifts offer such variety regardless of who you are buying for.  From jewellery, clothing, accessories, beauty products, notebooks and artwork – the giving and receiving of these wonderful creations evoke special memories which will last a lifetime.  The thought really does seem to count for more when handmade gifts are exchanged.

Why buy a mass-produced item when you could choose handmade and feel the warmth of love in its very fibres?

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