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Nowhere else will you find Caren’s Collection of elegant and unique dichroic glass pendants. Each pendant is individually handmade by the Kimberley based artist Caren Burns from multiple layers of dichronic class. Each layer is hand cut, carefully designed and fired at 800°C. The layers of glass are fused together to make exquisite patterns and a stunning final effect. No pendant is the same and you can guarantee to impress with these intricate works of art.

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Spoil someone special with dichroic glass pendants exclusively from Moo Woo.

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I don’t know about you, but I can still remember the lunches my mum used to send me off to school with. Carefully packed to withstand the test of time (that is, until recess) in a colourful plastic box carefully hand-picked that morning before school.

During the hot summers she would often freeze the juice box to keep the precious cargo nice and cold until such time that they would be happily devoured. Or swapped for someone else’s. And I distinctly remember that every now and then I would find a little paper note tucked away with my lunch. It was inevitably stuck to the defrosting fruit box and becoming increasingly transparent but just legible enough to make out the words of love and encouragement.

Whatever may have been bothering me at the time (life is pretty tough when you’re eight years old) it didn’t seem so bad once I knew my mum was still there for me. Now, Moo Woo offers carefully crafted precious gestures in a colourful pop-open card, each containing an inspirational message for your little one when you can’t be there with them.

These little letters do wonders for your child’s self-esteem, too. On those days when they cop a self-confidence battering from their peers (and you know what that feels like) a little lunch mail can bring a secret message that helps them to cope.

lunch mail, mail with love, inspirational messages

Lunch Mail contains 30 window cards which can be secretly popped into backpacks, pockets, and lunchboxes for anytime when you know a little boost will go a long way. Plus there’s a little space for your own message or nick name too – something special just from you.

These are beautiful parcels of love, carefully delivered, without getting stuck to the back of a fruit box.

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natural insect repellent
Commercial insect repellents contain a range of nasty chemicals that are not friendly to your skins or the skin of young children. Children , especially babies have fragile skin that absorbs all skincare products. Natural insect repellents contain essential oils directly from nature to ward off unwanted insects. Bug Off by Totally Scentual is handmade in the Kimberley with neem, lemongrass, citronella, lavender, geranium, eucalyptus and more. This is a much healthier option for families who want to avoid the chemical overload of commercial repellents.

Moo Woo now has in stock You might also like to try Natural Insect Repellent-Bug Off Spritzer or Bite Soothing Gel.

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