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1. Tell us briefly about the person behind the creations? Who are you? Where did you come from and how did you end up being based in the Kimberley?

I am not very good at doing nothing and always seek new ways to fill my time. I have been living and teaching in Kununurra for 11 years, prior to that I taught in Mullewa for 5 years. Born and bred in Kalgoorlie, I am definitely a country person. I went to Uni in Perth but deferred in the middle and went off to explore new things. In this time I spent 5 year in Port Hedland before working in Perth as an office manager among other things. I returned to Uni to complete my studies always knowing I would head north again. Kununurra was about as far north as I could go and now I have no idea where I would go after being here. When I drive to work in the morning (all of 5 mins) I pass some of the most magnificent landscapes – every day it is different. People pay a fortune to see what I see daily. It is a pretty special place.

In 1982, my first year at uni, I discovered pottery and fell in love with it straight away. I did not do it again for a number of years but new I would return to it someday. When I am working on the pottery wheel I am not thinking of anything else – it is my meditation and it helps keep me sane – or relatively sane.

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Caren’s Collection only recently came into existence. Although I have been working in pottery for a number of years the glass is a recent addition. Glass has allowed me to explore new things and keeps throwing challenges at me to keep me grounded.

2. Carens’ Collection is….?

my sanity. I am not good at doing nothing so I need to channel what I do. Caren’s Collection is a reflection of my creative energies. I make many things that are similar but they are never the same. The day I feel that I am repeating myself is when I change direction and work on new ideas.

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3. Why Caren’s Collection – what does it give you?

I work in a range of materials and do not want to limit what I will work with. My work is a whole – I do not separate the glass from the pottery, or the pottery from the mosaic. I am just starting to work with Silver Clay and it is all part of the same idea. It is one collection – my work and where it takes me.

4. How does the Kimberley inspire your work?

The nature of the Kimberley is of grandeur and originality. The landscape and the vegetation is so localised it is spectacular. I drive to Perth every year and reveal in the landscape and animals from one end of the state to the other, but I always have that special feeling coming back into Kununurra. I try to capture this feeling in all my work, both the boab and the geography.

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5. Of all that you create, what would be your favourite thing to make and why?

All are special. They are never the same. Working with heat, both with glass and pottery, you never know exactly what the end result will be. It is a challenge to see how you can make each piece individual and unique.

6. Tell us about your favourite East Kimberley location

Parry’s Creek – always something different. After 11 years I never felt I was looking at the same thing. The drive from Kununurra to Wyndham is inspirational in itself and I never get bored of it.

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7. If you had to sum up the Kimberley with 3 words what would they be?

Amazing, unique and inspirational

8. You had a famous visitor to the Kimberley for one day only – what would their tour be?

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Travelling the Kimberley, Kununurra, WA

A trip to Kununurra would never be complete without a drive out to Lake Argyle. The 70km drive out is spectacular (even with Patsy Biscoe blasting all the way) and once you reach the ‘Village’ you’ll discover one of the most picturesque camping spots around. To date we haven’t managed to camp there ourselves, as we are usually day-tripping with various rellies who’ve come to stay. However, friends who have stayed at the Village rave about the kid friendliness of the place, and particularly the new ‘Infinity Pool’ (picture Elle Macpherson poised on a pool ledge with just the ocean in the background and you get the idea of what an Infinity Pool is).

Kununurra, WA, Lake Argyle

Lake Argyle - spectacular new infinity pool on the hilltop overlooking Lake Argyle

Past the Village you can drive to lookout points which will have you and the kids gasping at the awesome amount of water in the Lake. But the best is yet to come, as you get to drive over the dam wall itself, and then down to a grassed, shaded picnic area with ample parking, benches, toilets and grass. We’ve played many a game of cricket, frisbee and soccer with the kids while having a picnic and lapping up the scenery as the Ord River commences its journey out of the dam and into Lake Kununurra.

Kununurra, WA, Kimberley travel

If you’re lucky enough to own a boat or know someone in town who can fit you onto theirs, a day on the Lake itself is unforgettable and the will kids love it. On most days the lake is millpond calm and extends to the horizon, giving you a feeling on being on a very flat ocean. Find yourself a ‘beach’ on one of the hundreds of islands available and the day will fly past. Our kids love nothing better than swimming, fishing for the biggest catfish, building sandcastles and digging in the mud. The last time we went out for a day on the lake we took a ‘sea biscuit’. At the time I was about 5 months pregnant and our eldest was only 4 but was desperate for a ride behind the boat. So with little elegance or grace, I managed to haul myself into the biscuit, jam the 4yo on top and away we went. It was certainly not the most comfortable ride but highly amusing to our friends watching, with my head at one end and my lily white legs flopping out the other!

If you manage to get to Lake Argyle, whatever you do – don’t forget your camera. It is a landscape photographer’s dream, especially towards sunset when the red rocks glow with an unnatural light and the expanse of endless blue sky reflects in the millpond waters. Enjoy the peace and tranquillity of this special piece of paradise, just one of our Kimberley treats!

Kununurra, Kimberley Travel

Kindly taken from the Lake Argyle website.

Note from Editor – for more information on this wonderful Kimberley destination visit the Lake Argyle website..

Interesting facts:
> Lake Argyle is Australia’s second largest artificial lake by volume.
> Lake Argyle is 23 times bigger than the Sydney Harbour
> The lake was named after the property it partly submerged, Argyle Downs.
> The lake is home to 26 species of native fish and an estimated population of 25,000 population freshwater crocodiles.

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When your baby is still at the crawling stage shoes are purely a fashion statement. They aren’t really necessary for your child to wear. Once they begin to walk, though, we immediately start to worry about protecting their delicate feet as they toddle around.

It is really important that you choose shoes that will support your toddler’s feet without harming them. Those little feet are still developing and they will grow at an amazing rate once they are used for walking rather than for chewing on!

baby feet, soft soled baby shoes, baby shoes, leather baby shoes

Have a look at your baby’s feet. They are soft and pudgy and slightly arched. Once he or she begins to walk their feet flatten out and expand. Bones lengthen, toes straighten and they all change shape. Children learn to walk by experiencing the feel of the floor under their feet. It’s this movement that causes the foot shape to change. Children learn to balance and to grip the floor with their feet and toes as they move. That is why it is so important not to seal your toddler’s feet into ‘hard’ shoes. Their feet will not be able to feel the floor as they walk.

The other problem with hard shoes is that they allow limited movement of your toddler’s feet and ankles. That means that the muscles around the ankle and lower leg aren’t allowed to do their work in helping baby learn to balance. Muscles that aren’t used don’t develop and that can lead to foot problems in later life.

baby shoes, baby footwear, soft soled baby shoes, leather toddler shoes

The best thing to do is to leave the feet bare but that isn’t always practical. The next best thing is a shoe by Little Blue Lamb. These shoes are made of leathers sourced from environmentally aware tanneries in Europe and have been ergonomically designed to support your child in their first steps. They have a soft sole, too. The leather adapts its shape to the feet of your toddler and it moves and stretches with them, allowing the blood to move through the nerves so the sensation of touch is increased.

The soft sole lets baby feel the floor as he or she walks so they can learn to grip and push through in their steps. It also lets the ankle move around and become stronger which helps with balance. The velcro closure holds the shoes on safely.

Little Blue Lamb shoes are ergonomically correct footwear but they are also stylish and made from non-toxic materials and that is good to know when those stylishly clad feet find their way back into baby’s mouth….. .

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