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We have welcomed this week a new range of sweet, summer skirts and dresses, all handmade with love and perfection in Kununurra, WA.

girls clothing, summer skirts, handmade, handmade skirt

These cotton skirts, handcrafted by ‘Creations by Gaysie’, are made from various weight cotton fabrics, all with a contrasting waist band and frill! They are perfect for a warm summers day or could be layered with stockings/ tights/ boots and more for a cooler day in autumn or winter.

handmade, handmade skirt, floral skirt, girls clothing, handmade clothing

They are one of a kind and will not be reproduced!

pleated front, handmade pillowcase dress, party dresses

Lovely pleated front, pillowcase dresses are also new to our range. Locally made by Piccaninny Princess, these dresses come with a matching handmade hair clip. We love the durability and lifespan of this design – with straps that can be lengthened the dress can be worn as a dress, tunic, or top once the little owner starts to grow!! It is such a summery cool design and a perfect outfit for the beach, play or party!

pillow case dress, party dress, handmade dress


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1. Tell us briefly about the person behind the scenes at Itty Bitty? E.g. who are you? Where are you based? How did you arrive where you are now? What is most important to you in your life?

I’m a busy mum of two very sweet girls (Ruby 4yrs and Alice 13 months). We live on the Sunny East Coast of Tasmania. It’s a beautiful spot beside the beach and the bush. In a few weeks I’m returning to work as teacher, but only for 1 day a week, so I’ll still have plenty of time to create itty bitty goodies! Itty bitty came about over 3 years ago. I was loving being a stay at home mum, so I decided I needed to find something to assist with our bills! It makes life very busy, but I love it so much!

2. Itty Bitty is….?
The perfect excuse to indulge my fabric obsession (I’m seriously addicted!). Lots of handmade sweetness! (we totally agree!!)

handmade hair accessories, hair clips

3. What inspires your work?
My two beautiful girls! I’m finding that my product range changes as they grow! I added bead jewellery last year for little Miss Ruby! Another inspiration is my mum. I grew up surrounded by all her wonderful handmade goodies! Mum always had a project on the go!

4. Of all that you create, what would be your favourite thing to make and why?
I really enjoy making the bead jewellery! Ruby loves to sit beside me and make her own creations, which is lovely!

handmade, handmade jewellery, beaded jewellery

5. What are your dreams…where would you LOVE to see Itty Bitty in 5 years time?
I’m loving creating items which are totally unique to us! I’m planning on extending our custom designed range. At some point I’d love to learn how to sew!

6. OK – your work travels to Kununurra, in the remote Kimberley region of WA…where it is loved!! WITHOUT Google or any other assistance give us 5 things you know about Kununurra or the East Kimberley – off the top of your head…be honest!!

Hmmm…tricky! 1.The loveliest online store in WA is based there! 2. The very lovely Kelly lives there! 3. It’s the outback 4. Amazing landscape: gorges, rivers and rock formations 5. Its HOT! Oh dear! My knowledge really needs developing…maybe one day I’ll hand deliver an itty bity parcel! I still find it amazing that my little goodies are enjoyed on the other side of Aus! Thank you!!

7. If you were able to hand deliver a delightful parcel of Itty Bitty stock to Kununurra – which time of year would you travel and what 3 places would you like to visit?

Bungle Bungle

Image from The Artery - Aboriginal Art Blog

I’ve just googled! It’s so beautiful!! I’m thinking I’d like to visit in Winter to escape the Tassie cold! First up would be: a scenic fight, second a trip to the Bungle, Bungles and then a visit to the diamond mine!

Image from mining-technology.com

handmade, handmade hair accessories, handmade gifts
We love what you do Itty Bitty and look forward to each and every parcel you send!! Thank you for sharing!

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greeting card, handmade card, hand made cards, baby gift

When you give a gift, particularly to a baby, the card that comes with it is often as cherished as the gift itself. They may be kept boxed or scrapbooked for years to come to remind us of those who existed in our lives at the time and the special messages left. My mother kept all of our cards, and as a child I would love pouring over them, smelling the history (or was that stale camphor?) and reading the little messages, reminiscing on who was involved at certain times of our lives.

baby card, greeting card, gift card, handmade, handmade card

What a better card to give than one that is unique and handmade with love. You will no longer need to stand browsing at the limited selection at you local supermarket wondering who else brought that same card.

handmade, handmade greeting card, handmade cards, greeting card, gift card, birthday, gifts

birthday card, handmade, handmade greeting card, greeting card, gifts

These new cards, handmade in Kununurra by Kimberley Red are just what you need to complement your thoughtful gift! Whether it be a new baby, male or female birthday we have one to suit most occasions.

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We’d love to welcome a new writer to the team, who would prefer to be known as ‘Kimberley Mum’. She hopes to provide you with a little insight into life and travel in the Kimberley – especially for those with children!

A little intro:
Although I was born in Kununurra, I spent most of my childhood in the South West of WA before heading to Perth for uni and subsequently work. In my mid-20’s work presented an opportunity to move to the Kimberley for six months . . . and that was 13 years ago. Love, marriage, three towns and three children later, we have been privileged to see the wonderful Kimberley from West to East. With a love of fishing, boating and camping, there is no better place to live. Yes, it is hot and wet for months at a time, but tourists from across the world will attest to the sublime conditions that the ‘dry’ can bring. For me the hardest part about living in the Kimberley is being away from close family and friends. But being a Mum in a small, remote town has many benefits – primarily an excuse to get out and meet new people who are in the same boat! My time in the Kimberley has provided many adventures, friendships, life lessons and laughs. It is a great place to bring up children with activities galore. Hopefully some of my stories will inspire you to visit and join in!” Kimberley Mum.

The Fertile Waters of the Ord . . .

Kimberley's, Kimberley, Kununurra, Outback Australia, gift shopping, handmade

Whilst Nicole and Keith’s Sunday Rose may be one of the more famous offspring to have been conceived in the wonderful East Kimberley, she is certainly only one of very many as a session at the local kindy gym “Crazy Crocs” can attest. After a highly uneventful post-Christmas period in town, local parents were obviously desperate for an excuse to get the under 5’s out of the house when Crocs started again. The air-conditioned, all weather venue meant a massive turn out for a couple of hours of chaos whilst the littlies burnt up some energy. It was a great opportunity for kids to catch up, parents to chat, and to meet some of the newest town residents who had been born over Christmas/New Year, a period renowned for an influx of new residents!

To say I am sick of ABC Kids would be an understatement, as well as an admission that I have been letting my children watch way too much TV. Interestingly, the state of the house has a direct correlation with the amount of TV that has been watched in the day. House tidy = lots of TV. House a bomb-site = little TV…or perhaps just an accumulation of small amounts of mess over numerous days . . .hhmmmm. But I stop short of labelling myself a ‘poor quality parent’ by reminding myself of everything we usually get involved with for the other 10 months of the year. And really, how much craft, play dough and baking can one do for two months without losing your mind??

Arial shot of Kununurra kindly borrowed from Grey Albatross' Flickr Photostream.

Kununurra is a fantastic place to live if you have young children, with a daily offering of activities available for the under-5’s (excluding Christmas/January of course)! So even though it is still hot and wet and we are all suffering from Cabin Fever, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Our town is coming out of its post-Christmas slumber and will soon be a hectic place for our children to once again indulge in stimulating, non-TV activities, including the many outback adventures on offer right on our Kimberley doorstep!!

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We are excited to share with you our new, bright, colourful and clean home page, thanks to Morris Bear Designs!! We love some of the new features including our Newsletter Subscription box, which highlights our free music giveaway. We have also included a multi-row shopping experience below the fold, allowing you to preview and click-through to some of our products for babies, boys, girls and women!!

Have a visit and check it out for yourself, we’re sure you’ll love the warmth and organisation as much as we do!

Gift shopping, Moo Woo, web design, gift shop, gifts, unique gifts, handmade gifts

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cupcakes, cooking

Cooking with kids is just the best excuse to be messy and have fun in the kitchen. You begin to remember the feel of mushy cake batter squishing between your fingers and the rough texture of the wooden spoon as you licked the last traces of the mix from it.

Cupcakes are simple to make and fun to eat. Kids love them! This recipe has been handed down in our family and it makes about 12 perfect cupcakes.

• 2 cups self-raising flour, sifted
• 3/4 cup caster sugar
• 3/4 cup milk
• 125g softened butter
• 2 x large eggs, beaten
• 1 teaspoon vanilla essence

Preheat your oven to 200°C.
• Grease your cake tray with softened butter or a spray of oil. You could also use patty pan papers.
• Combine flour and caster sugar in a bowl.
• Add milk, butter, eggs and vanilla to flour mixture and mix gently.
• Spoon mixture into your cake tins and bake for about 13 minutes or until a skewer inserted into the centre comes out clean. If you listen to them you shouldn’t hear any sizzling.
• Leave them to stand for a few minutes before tipping them onto the cooling rack.

The best part is still to come. The decorating! What an excuse for lots of sampling and tasting of lollies and icing! We used to have a simple icing made of icing powder, lemon juice and hot water but you might like to try a buttery cream topping. Whatever you do, don’t forget the sprinkles for decoration.

Colorful Cupcake

If you have a special occasion coming up (perhaps a child’s birthday) we have the perfect cupcake moulds for you to use. These are our Yumbots and they turn any ordinary cupcake into a special event.

Yumbots are robot-like cake moulds with big eyes and robot feet. They are made of silicone so you can you just fill their heads with cupcake mix and put them straight into the oven. They are designed for presentation so that means that once they are cooked you don’t have to try to get them out of the mould. Leave them in there and top them up with icing and goodies. The heads can even turn around! Part toy, part plate and part cake mould, these brightly coloured creatures will be very popular!

So, off into the kitchen you go. Be ready for flour on the floor and cake mix on noses but be ready for a really good time, too.

cupcake, cupcakes, yumbots, robots, robot, cooking, cooking with kids

boys apron, apron, planes, cooking, cupcakes

This Bobble Art Apron is definitely a necessity!! Wipe all the mess clean...

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