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We are yet again excitedly participating in the Tenth Semi-Annual Cloth Nappy Hunt! The online scavenger hunt commences on March 1, 2011! Hunters will have 31 action filled days to visit a myriad of websites in the hunt for the illusive icon! For more information or to register visit the Diaper Desicions website.


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Just some of our new-in-store from Bobble Art!

We are loving these new fresh styles from our Australian designer Bobble Art! Owners Jacqui and Brad, parents of seven children, have successfully grown their family business to now include a broad range of accessories and gift ideas for children. Their new range includes musical toys and activity sets, developed to stimulate the imagination of little ones!! Moo Woo now have in stock an extensive range of Bobble Art gift ideas with more to come soon!!

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Setting the scene – I have literally spent month whining to my husband “I need to get out of town…Kununurra is doing my head in!” For the good part of this year he has been wishing and dreaming he had some spare cash to pack me up and send me off on my merry way, with my littlest man in tow! Kununurra is a good 800km from anywhere decent to visit and a good $400.00-$1000.00 flight! Since I have been on maternity leave we have not been able to afford or justify my escape!

Fourteen months later and Broome here we come…me with a massive grin from ear to ear…and 1000kms ahead of us.

Unfortunately the grin only lasted about 100kms down the road at which point, and much to my disgust, travel sickness set in. I hadn’t experienced PROPER travel sickness for over 12 years or more so what was this all about!! Actually first it was my oldest daughter (4) who managed her first travel spew all over her beloved ‘sheepy’s’ plus anything else in front of here!! Flashback from my childhood travelling around winding Tassie roads haunted me…

The windy road into my home town, Queenstown, Tasmania!

Then it was me!! My husband had no idea that my head was hanging out of the window for a reason, he thought I was just getting some fresh air! Poor thing, next stop Warmun, where HE had to wash down the side of the car (no way I was doing it!). After thirty minutes break off we set again, two and a half hours into the trip with still another eleven hours left. The travel sickness was back and my next stop – Halls Creek – delivered more of the same!! As I was painfully throwing-up into a bush my nine month old baby (in my arms) was kindly laughing his head off!! Sweet little man!!

Finally, with only four hours left ahead of us, the nausea cleared! I had just spent six hours planning my return flight home with bubs, leaving Cam to drive with the oldest two! Once it cleared and I was able to comfortably turn every few minutes to deal with the kids needs and I obviously was able to enjoy the last leg of our adventure…OK finally I have a grin from ear-to-ear and Broome here we come!!

Seashells Resot - Broome WA

After exactly twelve hours we hit town, clambered through the door to our luxury apartment at Cable Beach – Seashells Resort, enjoyed a massive bath and down to bed…ahhhh…of course little ones don’t sleep well the first time in foreign environments so we had a lovely night managing kids rather than sleeping lol.

The next three days were spent relaxing, swimming, visits to Cable Beach and my favourite – Riddell Beach, Water Park plays, shopping and enjoying delicious coffees at lovely Zebra Rock café – conveniently located right next door to Seashells Resort. My daughter at four LOVED the beach. It was beautiful to watch her frolicking, digging, running, and playing so freely! It was like she was experiencing a new level of freedom never felt before! My two year old on the other hand was petrified, with the water somehow being perceived as ‘smoke’ and ‘fire’…beats me how their little brain works!! Dad did lots of carrying and nurturing, there weren’t many smiles on his little face just deep thought and concern etched in. As long as he was in Dad’s arms or perched on his ‘safe’ rock he was OK.

My little creations...

I had a bit of an agenda for this break – I was going to get some much needed craft time. Since starting Moo Woo I have gone from loving the time I had to create to literally having NO time to create. SO, much to my husbands disgust (I think he felt he had a granny on board) I took my little bag of sewing bits with the aim of appliquéing some singlets for my baby boy! I succeeded with the beach inspiring the theme behind the work. Coby now has two newly appliquéd beach themed singlets to mix and match with his modern cloth nappies!! It felt great to achieve something…it’s in my blood and I can’t wait till I one day have time to do more again. In the mean time I will keep sourcing the work of others for Moo Woo.

After three lovely, relaxing days in Broome, which was definitely not long enough but was cut short by the fear of road flooding and being stuck (not such a bad thing) we ventured back on the road for the 1000km trip back to Kununurra! This time thankfully the travel sickness stayed away and I managed to do the distance without an inch of ill feeling.

We did have a bit of excitement on the road with a police road block just outside of Fitzroy Crossing. Yes we were sharing the Australian outback with a prison escapee. Who in their right mind would run and hide in the Kimberley Outback, mid-day on a 40 degree day, dressed in black?? I would expect after a very short time he would have been crawling out of the harsh Spinifex begging at the heels of the police for water!! Crazy! Crazy but eerie for us!! I haven’t seen the movie ‘Wolf Creek Crater’ but that was definitely the first thing that came to mind, ‘NO Officer we definitely won’t be stopping to pick up a stranger’ on this stretch of road…EVER!!!

Home we drove, safe and sound…sleep and rest needed for all!!

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1. Tell us briefly about the person behind the creations? Who are you? Where did you come from and how did you end up being based in the Kimberley?

I am a Self confessed paper addict by night…wife, mother of 2 beautiful girls and teacher by day. A born Territorian turned Sandgroper at the age of 8 and fortunate enough to have inheritated my Mums creative Genes (although hers is material and I don’t do material that well!!!)

After finishing boarding school in Perth I went on to study primary teaching and scored a scholarship to do my Bachelor of education in Broome. The red dirt has always held a special place in my heart, in Broome I felt right at home. Upon completing my Bachelor I applied for a teaching job anywhere up north really, when the phone call came I was offered various Kimberley locations. Kalumburu was the first place I was offered and accepted not even knowing where I was going. I was just excited to have a teaching job in the Kimberley! When I got the map out, I looked at my folks in disbelief….I was really going to one of the most remote communities in the whole Kimberley!!!

I met my wonderful husband there and after 3 years decided to move closer to civilisation….as my husband was based in Kununurra it wasn’t a hard decision to make. The rest is history really and although I had always dappled with crafts after my first daughter was born I found I needed something for me…..that something became paper craft.
Kimberleys, Kununurra

2. Kimberley Red is….?

A home based business that provides unique cards and albums with a little Kimberley touch to every creation.
handmade card, paper craft, greeting card
3. Why Kimberley Red – what does it give you?

It gives me time out to be creative…something to take me away from the daily grind yet something I immensely enjoy and am particularly proud of. I have friends to thank for inspiring me to take my work to the local markets where from humble beginnings the business has grown into what it is today.

4. How does the Kimberley inspire your work?

Everyday the Kimberley inspires my work. In particular the magnificent boab trees and the colours that surround us. Since we have quite a tourist market I have a unique Kimberley selection of cards.
Kimberley, Kununurra

5. Of all that you create, what would be your favourite thing to make and why?

I love to make paper bag Albums….although they are extremely time consuming; I love the reaction from customers. They are truly unique and a beautiful gift for someone special. I love that someone has appreciated all the effort and time that has gone into them.

paper bag album, paper craft, kimberley red, handmade, gifts
paper bag album, paper craft, kimberley red, handmade, gifts

6. Tell us about your favourite East Kimberley location

It would have to be hands down Zebedee springs at El Questro. I just love everything about it, from the Livingstonia palms, the natural waterfalls to the temperature of the water. It makes you feel a million miles away from anything….I just wish it wasn’t so crowded in the tourist season!!!!

Western Australia, Kimberleys

7. If you had to sum up the Kimberley with 3 words what would they be?

It’s Gods country!

8. You had a famous visitor to the Kimberley for one day only – what would their tour be?

Definitely the Triple J tour of Lake Argyle then Lake Kununurra. It is so informative and truly beautiful. All our visitors over the years have never been disappointed and have rated it among the best tour they’ve ever done.

Kununurra, lake Kununurra, Upper ord river

Elephant Rock, Lake Kununurra

Thank you for sharing Sara! We hope further success and expansion of Kimberley Red in 2011!
Kellie xx

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