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Christmas in-flight

There are two types of people at an airport – those who glare at you with sudden panic and assess the potential explosive nature of your baby or those who look on with sympathy, respect or loving maternal eyes. My recent flight from Perth to Sydney was quite an experience. I must admit my son was perfectly behaved which gave me the golden opportunity to people watch.

Sitting at Perth airport lounge I began to notice Campbell was attracting quite a stir. He commandoed confidently across the manky carpet towards a bubble gum machine while a young man kept glancing at his boarding pass and looking inquisitively at Campbell. I would like to think he wanted us to sit close by but I noticed a wave of panic descent over his body when I told Campbell we were boarding for Sydney soon. It then occurred to me Campbell and I might have the plague….or was it his pre-boarding dirty nappy? (Why does that always happen?)

In a mad dash I boarded the plane last – also allowing me to minimise time in confined places with a small infant! As I walked down the aisle I had a flashback from my wedding – everyone is staring but this time my wriggling child is in the limelight! There were looks of anguish, panic and distress from a few while others looked on with surprise, joy and warmth. The same young man I saw in the airport lounge looked as if I was about to rip out an ingrown toe nail when I sat opposite! Sorry!

Essential items for plane travel:

bobble art, bobble art wrap, pat-a-cake baby, wet bag

• 2 x Pat-a-Cake Baby wetbags (one for food, one for a change of clothes. It is amazing what ended up in my bag but at least he had clean clothes!)
• 1 x Bobble Art Wrap (much nicer than plane blankets)

Travelling with kids, baby books, cloth book, teethers, natural teethers

• Most importantly, entertainment for baby – I purchased three new toys and alternated each one to keep Campbell busy. The winners….. Lanco Natural Rubber Teether, soft books (peek-a-boo baby or my favourite – Farm tails) and wooden beads with bright objects and bells.

klutz, chicken socks, activity books for kdis, educational resources, magic, kids educational products

• For older children – Create and Learn – Klutz has a many creative books that will keep them busy including the book of magic, funky drawing pads and natural honey sticks.

Evidently my preparation paid off but I think it was all just luck. Campbell slept for half the trip and was very content rolling around on the spare seat (thank you Qantas!) next to me. The young man opposite had a great sleep for we all endured his snoring which was far worse than Campbell’s babbling.
An essential tip….. always say YES to the drinks trolley and look out for childless snoring men. They have the potential to be a midair disaster.

Louise xx


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Why did we pick this brand?
I spotted a large wet bag in town being used by another Mum and it certainly stood out from the crowd! It was a large Wet Bag in the Juicy Jungle print. The bag was a great size and was well designed to hang from prams, strollers or nappy bags. I could see the potential for multi purpose use – nappies tick, lunch and drink bottles tick, bathers and a towel tick, camera, Ipod, video recorder tick!! It was a fashionable and funky bag, made for durability and had many practical uses.

baby accessories, wet bags, wet bag, nappy bags, nappy bag, pat-a-cake

The Designers
Pat-a-Cake Baby heralds from a handmade background. Jamie McGinnis-Green is a work-at-home mom that longed for stylish baby products. Like many talented mums she began creating, starting with her now famous Diaper Diddy. She soon found that help was needed as demand for her products grew. Her company now ships products all over the world.

baby accessories, baby towels, baby flannels, towels

Our Favourite…
Would have to be the ‘luxe’ stroller blanket! The beautiful printed cotton and plush minky make them not only bright and stylish but also perfect for baby to snuggle and stroke!

I’ve un-wrapped the blanket for a little peek at the size and they are perfect for the stroller or car. They are also a nice size when rolled up and would perfectly fit into your nappy or travel bag. I could also see my four year old using the blanket for role-play or as a lap blanket!!

baby accessories, stroller blanket, baby blankets, baby blanket

The Wrap-Up:
These products are durable, stylish and practical. They make the perfect present for yourself or others!

Kellie xx

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“Just to warm the heart and remember to hug your kids! i cry everytime i watch it!” Louise

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Christmas and ADHD

This months My Child magazine has got me thinking about “overexcited” children. Are we living in a society where children that show enthusiasm, vitality and a love for life are frowned upon?

I am the first time mother of an active male creature named Campbell. I am increasing baffled by the number of people who have commented on his excitability, determination and exuberant energy level. When one mother told me I was harboring an ADHD candidate I went straight into panic mode…..was it something I ate during pregnancy? Did I exercise too much? Too little? Did the mobile I place above his cot somehow transform his young innocent mind like red jelly transforms 2 year olds at a birthday party?

Intervention!! Thank goodness for my clever friend and creator of MooWoo. Over a few wines at the Pumphouse Restaurant and great reflection upon my anxiety, the conclusion was made that boys will be boys! My next step is to ensure I purchase quality Christmas presents (I can’t wait for Campbell’s first Christmas) that would ensure hours of entertainment but also avoiding anything requiring AA batteries or repetitive rhymes that I might embarrassingly hum absent in shopping center queues!

MooWoo has some fabulous products on offer to tame the wild and excite the already excited….
Check out gifts for boys – Monster Hands and Monster Cupcake Moulds are a must:

tatoos, hand tatoos, boys gifts

cupcake moulds, cooking for boys, boys cooking, robots, cupcakes

Nothing better than a vintage car, plane or Santa Family 5 pc Nesting Dolls to make someone’s Christmas memorable:

tin toys, tin car, collectors toys, gifts for boys, boys gifts

Russian Dolls, santa russian dolls, babushka dolls, nesting dolls, matroshka dolls

With Campbell’s first Christmas approaching, as fast as he now commando crawls, I will return to mothers group with a big smile and consider my sons love for life as a precious gift!!! Only 25 days till Christmas!

Louise xx

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Starting solids has been an exciting adventure as I Endeavour to discover new ways to pack in the nutrition. To my husbands shock and Dr Jekyels envy, I have created an amazing array of colourful substances that my son enthusiastically consumes. However my trusty Breville will not be accompanying us on our Christmas adventures……what to do…..must avoid strange smelling commercial baby foods!

While visiting family on the east coast in October, I discovered Organic Bubs baby foods. This family run company is based in Sydney. The founding sisters were inspired to produce quality organic products for babies and young children. The products contain “no numbers, no hidden nasties” , are carbon neutral, Australian made and owned and best of all made from certifies organic products. Conveniently, all products can be purchased online and they taste fabulous.

My favourites…….. or the kids favourites: Pear and White Grape, Pumpkin and Kumera Couscous and Blueberry Banana and Quinoa (the left over’s are fantastic on fresh toast at breakfast).

baby food, baby bibs, bobble art

You need a MooWoo Bib to go with Organic Bubs. I couldn’t resist the Bobble Art Jungle Bib. Not only is the design super cute but it can be conveniently wiped down and its ready for the next culinary onslaught!

Baby Accessories, baby bib, bobble art

Hope you enjoy visiting all the relatives over the Christmas break. Be prepared with your Bobble Art Bib and Organic Bubs cuisine!


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