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There is only so much one can do! This is my motto for the coming year and the thought process behind many of the decisions I will make. Mum’s can tend to take it all on and yes I will admit to being one of these! Late nights, zero exercise, eating on the run, too much caffeine and very little ‘down time’ turns me into a ‘grumpy bum’ as my daughter would say. Plus there is my health! Needless to say things need to change!

So I have just read a great little article called ‘Time Management – How to Balance Work and Play for Working Mums‘. It has given me the shove I need to start thinking about 2011 and how I can play it out a little differently! I love everything I do but need to do it differently! I will fit in some exercise, I will eat better and I will start to delegate. This one starts now:

In 2009 I was fortunate to work alongside a very professional, intelligent, friendly and easy going English Teacher named Louise! I was also lucky enough to be able to share ‘pregnant time’ with Louise who now has a vibrant, energetic little man named Campbell who is 2 1/2 month younger than my boy Coby! Like many career woman (me included) Louise is finding the role of mother to be amazingly beautiful and rewarding, yet (and yes guilt we sometimes feel) it can also turn grey matter to mush and lead to a tad of yearning for something more mentally stimulating.

Louise in her need to find that something more kindly offered to assist me with any jobs I may have! YES…my grey matter got to work and the penny dropped! I dislike writing and have a badly neglected blog AND Louise is an English teacher who loves writing and needs stimulation! PLUS delegate – we can’t do it all!!

Enjoy meeting Louise and Campbell and reading her work! We hope to bring much more to our blog over the next few months, including parenting tips, more Kimberley news, Moo Woo happenings and more.

xx Kellie


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