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I was just searching the net for a lovely little Christening Quote to introduce some of our Moo Woo Christening Gift ideas! There were so many sweet, religious and/or meaningful quotes around…BUT I had to pick this one:

A baby will make love stronger
Days shorter, Nights longer
Bankroll smaller, Clothes shabbier,
The past forgotten,
And the future worth living for.

It is far too familiar at present, especially the long nights and shabby clothes. Between my three beautiful children and my business I seem to get 5 hours of broken sleep per night between feeds and nightmares. Isn’t it amazing how prior to kids I HAD to have eight hours per night. The thought of surviving on less than this was incomprehensible!! How on earth was I going to cope with children?? We’ll luckily we can adapt! Give me four hours straight now and I feel 1 million dollars!! I wake up, get dressed, feel good and then get covered in food and spew…there goes the clothes!

Back to Christening Gifts…

…if you have been searching for the perfect Christening Gift then we do have some sweet gifts to choose from, below is a little selection of some of our favourites.

Gifts for Christening


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