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Yes this is ME! I’m pleased to say that this wasn’t an outfit I wore regularly! I was dressed for a disco of some kind which obviously had a ‘dress-up’ theme of some description! Oh how I wish I had some of these items still floating around, especially that bow!!! And don’t you just love the decor, no wonder my Mother was so pleased when the carpet and curtains finally disappeared!!

It is the leg warmers I am particularly interested in! Those wonderful ankle thickeners that we all loved! I don’t know about you, but where I lived (Queenstown, Tasmania…yes I know!!) the thicker the ankles the better. Funny when you think about it, now we all desire that lovely slim beginning to our legs!

We’ll I have only just discovered leg warmers for my kids and have decided to stock Moo Woo with these practical and slightly more funky than the 80’s product! And I love them!! The ‘new and improved’ ‘Baby Legs’ can be even worn on your arms…I don’t think we ever worked that one out back then!

One size fits all - very versatile!

One size fits all, they provide fabulous protection from the sun, especially the Cool Mesh version, plus they can completely funk up an outfit!!! They also come in a lovely, soft organic cotton, perfect for babies little legs. Here are some of the styles available:

You can find our Baby Legs in our Babies and Girls Catalogue pages


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Whilst I’ve been away for a little while Moo Woo certainly hasn’t been dormant. We have been out and about promoting our wares where we can. Our two favourite sites which we love supporting for the beautiful work they do are Handmade Kids and {KID}independent. If you haven’t checked them out then you certainly need too. They’ll keep you up-to-date with many of the wonderful handmade goodies out there for children.

Handmade Kids recently reviewed our pure and natural Bug Off Insect Repellant and Bite Soothing Gel, along with our Dreamtime Spritz and Kimberley Dreaming Soap.

Dreamtime Spritz and Kimberley Dreaming Soap

These products are handmade in Kununurra by Cath of Totally Scentual. Cath has 20 years experience in aromatherapy and makes these products with the finest natural ingredients and pure essential oils. The Bug Off products have been well-tested amongst Kununurra locals and all of us with children. We love the fact that they not only repel the mozzies but are free of the harsh chemicals present in commercial products.

Totally Scentual Bug Off Products

To find out more about how these products were rated by the Handmade Kids crew, check out their review here.

{KID}independent also recently visited our store and took a stroll through our handmade pages. Those girls certainly know how to write and presented a cute little display of some of their favourite Moo Woo products.

Making friends with Moo Woo...on {KID}independent

Thanks girls!!

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Mint…delicious mint!

Mint Chip Icecream, Peppermint Freddo Frogs, Cadbury Mint Chip Chocolate…anything mint and my mouth waters!

And yes…the inspiration for this thought is the delicious bowl of mint icecream I have just finished devouring whilst browsing facebook on a Saturday night!

So I have decided to celebrate my mint fetish by sharing some yummy mint coloured Moo Woo products! Here’s to mint!!

littleoddforest - Mint Monster Baby Booties

littleoddforest - Hoot The Owl Bag

littleoddforest - Mungo Wanderlust Bag

Fair Trade Handmade Notebook

Fair Trade Matching Soap Set

All handmade with love…

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