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For those who received our newsletter or are fans of our Facebook page, you would have already had a sneak preview of some of the adorable new stock we have arriving over the next month! We are EXTREMELY excited by what we have recently found and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of some special little parcels!!

So for those who haven’t seen…some show and tell time…

It’s time to pamper and accessorise in style with a range of brushes, hair accessories, rings and pendants on their way…

Check out these unique handmade accessories for women and babies…

Delightful handmade clothing and shoes from Wild Things of Noosa…

And there’s more…to be revealed soon!!


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These reversible kids handmade hats are the perfect accessory for outside play. Gaysie has created a range of sizes for both boys and girls – perfect for ages 6 months to 4 years (or longer depending on head size).

They have been carefully made out of beautiful fabrics and embellished on both sides with ribbons and trim to make them even more unique. Reverse the hat for a totally different looks as shown on some of our beautiful models below.

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Handmade Baby Quilts by Bev Hayden

Bev Hayden, our local Kununurra talent has again been hard at work and has created three more lovely baby quilts for Moo Woo. These quilts are a fabulous accessory to have for a new baby. They are the perfect size to take with you on any outing (not too bulky or big). When your visiting a friend or at the park you can lay out your ‘gorgeous handmade quilt’ and lay baby down for some beneficial kick time, knowing that baby is on a clean, soft surface free of germs and dirt. Plus you get the benefit of some hands free time! YAH!

We have two raw edged quilts created out of pastel nursery rhyme fabric interspersed with plain cotton in a variety of bright colours. We also have a quilt displaying beautiful ‘Asian’ style fabrics printed with bamboo and panda’s, perfect for a boy or girl. Visit our Handmade Babies and Children’s catalogue page for more info on each of these quilts.

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Super Hero’s!

We have ALL grown up with superheros!! Superman, Spider Man, Wonder Woman, Batman and Robin have all had a presence during our upbringing! They have filled our minds with the concepts of hero/ heroism, super human abilities and helping others. My husband grew up as Superman, constantly badgering his mum to watch as he would spend half an hour ‘attempting’ to jump over their caravan!! Of course, after many run-ups he never quite finished the job!!

Well these little handmade super dolls are perfect for our children, especially perfect as a doll for our little men!! As you can see my little man LOVES his Super Hero Tyler!

Super Hero Tyler has been created by Samia at tully{kat} alley, perfectly made from lovely bright fabric and felt! During the day he goes off to school with his backpack, ready to learn and play. When he is called on to ‘give a helping hand’, out whips his cape (from his backpack) and on goes his super hero mask!!! Super Hero Kid to the rescue!!!

Moo Woo will have our Super Hero Kids back in stock by the end of March! They are also available for girls in beautiful bright pinks, lime green and purple!

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I received a delightful email today from {KID} Independent, informing me they had used a Moo Woo product on their site. I popped in to have a visit and was both thrilled by their gorgeous blog (and some of the products I found there), and grateful that they had found and featured one of our funky adult purses! Pop in and have a visit, you will find a lovely site filled with beautiful handmade designs for kids!

Moo Woo Adult purse, featured on {KID} Independent!

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