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This beautiful necklace has been designed and created by KiaSynnoeve Jewellery Design. Handmade by Kia, it features a large sterling silver sea turtle charm with seahorse and cluster of stunning red coral.

Kia’s ‘treasures of the ocean’ collection are a tribute to the ocean and the creatures that live in it, for everyone to wear and carry with them.
Having spent half her life growing up in northern Norway, when Kia returned to Australia the beach became her favourite past time which is where her admiration and love for the ocean and its creatures has developed.
This is a beautiful summery tribute to our ocean treasures.


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I have four new boxes of delightful Bobble Art Stock sitting in my dining room! It has arrived today and it is time to get busy again! Penny Scallen should also come this week!!! Note to myself….no more ordering! Only two months left till the baby arrives and I’m meant to be winding down! Hah!

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What will 2010 bring for you?

We all have our little hopes and dreams for each New Year and Cam and I have a few. Personally I’ve tried being realistic as I know 2010 will be busy! Probably my most important one is to try not to sink, I’m having days already where my head is just bobbing above the water!

So what do we know it will bring:

~Most importantly a new baby! Come late March our family will expand to three little ones!!! We’ll have a Mia Moo, a Tyler Woo and a…funny but all that comes to mind when I say this is ‘poo’. Yes, we’ll have plenty of that again too!

Our little baby girl - Mia

~The new baby will bring family, YAH!!! My parents are in Tasmania and the last time I saw them was when Tyler was born nearly 2 years ago. This is one of the disadvantages of living in the Kimberley. I often feel quite isolated and ache for family time. Unfortunately the cost of flying out is huge and the distance to travel (with kids especially) is tooooooo far! So here we stay!! Cam’s Mum came up last year which was great and we will also see her again after the baby is born!! I’ve told them all – “Stay as long as you wish!”

We know these thing WILL happen, so what do we hope for?
~For Moo Woo to grow , for more people to find the shop and love it!

~To save some dollars…hard one considering I won’t be working (hence the above wish!!!)! Ultimately we would like to buy land and build our own home, perhaps here in Kununurra! I definitely think I’m the one that needs to work on this one, a little more impulse control perhaps!

~To complete our Camper Trailer! Cam’s working on this one and is making some nice progress. Once finished we can try it out, maybe camping at Home Valley Station or Elquestro Station. There will certainly be some practice anyway before we launch into a great road trip with the family.

That should probably do it! Of course there are the usual New Year Resolutions – eat better, exercise and sleep more but I figure there is no use worrying about any of these for quite a while yet!

Hope your dreams and hopes come true in 2010!

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Quality Quilts

Whilst I know little about quilting, and lack patience or time to sit and quilt, I do know that Bev Hayden is an immaculate sewer and a very clever woman.

Bev is VERY local to Kununurra and is a family friend of my husband’s family. Cam grew up here with Bev’s children. I’ve got to know Bev myself not only through the family but through her amazing generosity. For each of my children she has created amazing, single bed sized quilts – one displays the alphabet with corresponding images for each letter and the other depicts life in Kununurra. Bev creates these very unique and special gifts for friends and relatives alike, out of pure kindness and her love of quilting.

Some of Bev’s work is for sale in our handmade sections. We have a range including lap quilts, single and double bed quilts and small baby quilts.

These beautiful baby girl, panda themed quilts would make a lovely gift for a special friend or family member on the birth of their new baby. This size is perfect as a floor rug for baby to kick on.

Rail Fence Design Lap Quilt

The centre of the quilt features a rail fence design and the corners are embellished with beautifully quilted vines of flowers, leaves and butterflies. The white sections of the quilt have been finished with small stipling giving the quilt a perfect finish!

Rail and Fence Design Single Bed Quilt

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