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We have received an exciting new range of Bobble Art products, many perfect for the commencement of the school year! Our new range includes just some of the following beautiful products, all found in our ‘More Children’s Gifts‘ catalogue page.

Backpacks, Library/ Swim Bags, Pens, Lunch Boxes and Stainless Steel Drink Bottles

My favourites include these gorgeous case sets and jewellery boxes!!

And of course for our little Aussie men, this great Aussie Rules footy money box suitable for young and old!!

More of the new range will hopefully arrive soon and will include a greater range of the above products plus trinket boxes and jewellery!


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My Child Magazine

My Child Magazine’s Editorial Co-ordinator Ellie Baker recently found our Moo Woo Store and reviewed some of our lovely art created by artist Kerri Blades. The review is featured in their My Style Blog.

This site is definitely worth checking out as you will find links to many little online stores with some unique and creative gift ideas!! My Child, My Style Blog. It is also a fabulous site for families with a great range of resources available.

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Luckily my Christmas tree at home received more gifts than the Moo Woo Christmas Tree!!! How appalling!! I will admit to being totally unsuccessful in wrapping Moo Woo gifts for you all!

I had smartly made the decision, prior to Christmas that I shouldn’t be wrapping for Moo Woo when I hadn’t even wrapped and sent my own families gifts off. So it was time to focus some energy on Christmas preparations, my beautiful family and me!!! I got to work and successfully prepared and posted parcels to Tasmania, New Castle and Perth in time for Christmas, completed the shopping for Mia and Tyler, prepared (with the help of Cam and Mia) some lovely Rum Balls for friends, spent a little more time with my two beautiful children and tried to put my feet up a little!! My feet have only really had the rest they needed over the last couple of days!

Even with this focus I really didn’t quite achieve all I aimed to achieve! I managed to send ZERO Christmas cards to friends and extended family and completely failed to get out a group ‘Christmas email! Very unlike me…considering last year I sent EVERYONE a Christmas card which I had handmade!!!!!! OH how life has changed!

So I do hope that you all had a WONDERFUL Christmas, filled with love, laughter and the presence of loved ones! We enjoyed a beautiful Christmas here in Kununurra with our gorgeous children, some lovely friends and of course plenty of good food! Unfortunately for all of the build up the day goes far too quickly…and already Mia has asked about next Christmas!!!

I received (hand picked by me of course!) a great new Canon Digital camera which I will soon put to work on some new products coming online in the New Year! I need to work out how to use it first to achieve the results I’m looking for…a photography course could really come in handy! Whilst it does the full automatic thing it can also be manually operated and has many great features that I need to investigate. Better start reading the manual!

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