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Baby gifts- handmade

Unique, affordable and beautiful!

Don’t you love that text or call, the one that marks the arrival of a new little treasure to the world! We have waited 9 months, often wondering the sex, debating the size and joking on the name! Finally the special moment arrives and all our wonders are answered!

It is such a special occasion and at Moo Woo we have a range of beautiful and unique handmade baby gifts for you to choose from. Each is something completely different, something you won’t find in a shop, so you certainly won’t have to worry about double up!

We have a range of gorgeous paper bag albums from Kimberley Red Cards and Papercrafts. New parents can display special photos, ultra sound images and write comments. The paper bag pages double as pockets, allowing you to store memorabilia, such as letters or emails from friends, hospital tags, etc. These are truly special gifts, immaculately made and one-off designs!
Albums and Cards Oct4

Cath Menzies at Totally Scentual, a local Kununurra business, has supplied us with a divine range of natural handmade skin care products. We have a beautiful pack prepared for babies, which includes the following products:

Baby Massage Blend
A special blend suitable for newborns and up. A mild, natural and non-greasy blend of Hazelnut and Jojoba with Pure Essential Oils of Lavender and Chamomile to help calm and soothe your baby. Suitable for a loving massage after a bath, or more topically to help ease colic, settle your baby to sleep or soothe nappy rash. Experience the magic of touch.
Totally Scentual 042

Baby Bottom Balm
A soothing cream rich in oils to calm and heal tender bottoms.It allows the skin to “breathe” and create its own protective barrier against the irritation of nappy rash. Includes Sweet Almond Oil, Calendula and Lavender.
Totally Scentual 048

Baby Soap
Naturally unscented, this soap is especially designed for the skin of newborn babies. With extra Sweet Almond Oil to keep the skin nourished and prevent dryness, this soap is 100% natural and is also excellent for those with eczema, dermatitis or other sensitive skin problems.
Totally Scentual 055

White Singlet (000) x 1

These products have been tried and tested on my own babies and are absolutely wonderful. It feels great as a parent to use only natural products on that lovely new skin. Personally with my two children I loved knowing that I was not subjecting their little systems to the chemicals and toxins found in synthetic, commercial products.

We also have some lovely handmade soft toys in stock. These include designs from Samia at tullykat alley – rabbits, itty bitty blankies, superhero’s and poppettes! Samia is a mother of three living in Victoria. She designs and creates all items in her spare time and has a knack for using lovely fabrics and creating unique toys.

summer at beach

Summer Lee Little Poppette

Beautiful vintage chenille handmade products are included amongst our range. These are made by Leah, mother of four, living in Queensland, Australia. Leah collects beautiful vintage chenille and designs and creates the sweet babushka dolls, Scottish dogs and carrot rattles. These are so special and sweet! The will be absolutely loved!
Carrots bucket

More baby products can be found online at Moo Woo – Handmade Baby and Children.


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Frogs, frogs, frogs

Tullykat Alley5

Our green tree frogs

Frogs are our number one garden friend, we are definitely a frog loving family! My children adore them, in fact my daughters friend ‘Jesse’ (which is the name for every medium sized frog in our garden) comes in for a play quite regularly.

Samia’s frogs from tullykat alley have also proven to be quite a hit. They have such character, a beautiful big smile and gorgeous long, dangly arms and legs! They make a wonderful gift for adults, children and babies.

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I LOVE this time of the year in the Kimberley! It does get very, very hot and humid but it also begins to get nice and cloudy! This means rains, storms and lightning, and often lots of it! We have had many beautiful storms already over the past month, which is quite early. Usually we expect them late November/ December.

social club trip (keep river) 023

Our Kimberley Moon!

Because our kids see very little rain for a great part of the year they are usually, initially quite scared. My little man who is only 19 months has only just ‘recognised’ and seen rain for the very first time, and is scared. To alleviate our daughters fear I talk about the wonders our tropical rain brings. I tell her how it helps our plants grow (quite rapidly), how our rivers fill and how the fish are happy, how ponds and puddles form for birds to splash in and the frogs to lay eggs in. This is the time for tadpoles which of course she loves – we can physically watch the cycle of life happen before our eyes. And how everything else gets a great big clean!

Our daughters little friend 'Jesse'

She can relate to these stories and she will now occasionally strip off her gear and play in it. Something you can only do in the tropics!

Crimson Finch or Blood Finch

Cam and I love the wet, it’s a time for swimming, enjoying waterholes and fishing! This is the best time of the year to catch Barra and already he’s caught a few. My days of fishing are on hold at present, it’s a little difficult taking 2 small children around croc infested water.
social club trip (keep river) 065

Great Catch!


Middle Springs during the wet


A little too much rain!

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